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Mar 3, 2013
So I just returned from WDW and am now focusing on Disneyland Paris. We will be there for one day on June 2nd. We are unsure if we are going to stay onsite or offsite. We are waiting to see what discounts open and where we can save money.

There will be 4 adults with us. 2 aren't big Disney fans so they may sit out some rides.

I am looking for Food Recommendations and the best way to plan our touring strategy. We want to try and visit both parks. Our focus is the rides, though I have heard the shows are good so we may need to watch one or two, but only if time allows.

Must Dos: Phantom Manor, Pirates, Indiana Jones, Tower of Terror, Rock N Roller Coaster, Indiana Jones, Crush Coaster, RC Racer, Big Thunder, Space Mountain, Studio Tram

If we can fit it in: Peter Pan, Alice, Marvel show, Motuers stunt show, Philhar Magic.

Please help as I feel so lost and clueless planning this trip!


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Feb 5, 2012
There has just been a thread with dining recommendations:
If you are used to WDW, keep in mind, DLP is not really focused on dining. If you want to eat good French food, go elsewhere ;-) Don't spend too much time on food or thinking about food.

If you have one day, then staying on site would be a good idea for the EMH, especially because June 2nd is a weekend day and you will have the locals to consider.
I would suggest to start in the Studios, do Crush, Ratatouille (why not on your list?), Rock 'n Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, RC Racer (Single rider if you must). I would personally skip the Studio Tram, I think it's one of the least impressive things in the Studios, it's two stunts of a few seconds while it takes forever, with limited time, I wouldn't do it.

I would go to Disneyland park, get a Fastpass for Big Thunder Mountain, Phantom Manor, get lunch somewhere (Hakuna Matata or Colonel Hathi will be in the area), do Pirates and Indiana Jones. Hopefully you would be able to get your next Fastpass at Peter Pan. I would check the waiting time of Space Mountain, and depending on what time of day it is, either go to Space Mountain or do Alice Labyrinth.

If you have done all this, you could go back to Studios to either see the Stunt Show, or I would definitely suggest Mickey and the Magician (in my opinion the better show :) ), both shows can take some time out of your day. To be honest, I wouldn't do this, as you have to less-Disney-enthousiasts with you, I would park-hop only once. To me, park-hopping always gives a sense of urgency to see as most as you can in one day. If you have two people with you who aren't really into it, I would take a step back and relax.

I would stay in Disneyland Park to see the parade, or do some small rides you don't have in WDW like Pays des Contes Fees, Casey Junior (just for the sake of it ;-) ), visit the dragon under the castle, Aladdin's walkthrough, maybe see if there is a show on castle stage.

The Marvel Show is now a temporary show for the summer season, I don't believe it's already announced if it will be repeated. (I could have missed some updates).

Just in general, let go of your need to plan plan plan as you would do for WDW. With DLP, decide your date, get your hotel and tickets arranged. You already have a basic plan of what you want to see/do. That's a good start already.


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Aug 12, 2015
We did a one day, both parks in August during a busy crowd day.

We ended up booking a one night stay at Cheyenne via as you can book a room only through that site (as opposed to on Disney's site where they seem to package in 2 day tickets with it) and it was a fairly reasonable price for just one night without it being packaged with multi-day tickets. So we stayed the night before and hit the parks at early entry the following morning.

It was a good move because with early entry we could tour Studios first, and do Crush's Coaster at early entry rope drop (it doesn't have fast pass), then we did Ratatouille with a minimal wait (approx. 20 min) followed by Rock n Roller Coaster and finally Tower of Terror.

Then we went over to DLP and got FPs for Big Thunder Mountain, and toured the park (picking up other Fast Passes once available).

On that day we got through:

Rock n Roller Coaster
Tower of Terror (x2, we hopped back to studios later in the day for a second ride)

Indiana Jones Coaster
Small World
Big Thunder Mountain (Fast Pass #1)
Hyperspace Mountain (Fast Pass #2)
Star Tours x2 (once with FastPass #3, Once Without)

We also toured through areas that had no wait times like Alice's Labyrinth and the Nautilus Ship

And this was all by 5:30 pm. With the extreme heat going on, we were exhausted by this time and decided we had enough.


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