Specialty Dining Prices and Kids


Feb 3, 2011

In November we are going on our first Royal Caribbean cruise, and had a question regarding specialty dining. We book Izumi Hibachi for 3, myself, my wife, and our 12 year old. I paid the full price for my 12 year old, but I read somewhere that you don't pay the full price for children 12 and under. You just book for the 2 adults, and then pay a lower price for your child at the restaurant. Can someone please clarify that for me? Appreciate the help.

Thank you.


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Sep 5, 2007
If you pre book before boarding, you are charged the full price. You get an adjustment on board only if the child eats from the kids menu. If they eat from the regular menu, there is no reduction in cost. Not sure about hibachi specifically, but there may not be a lesser cost for kids anyway.


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Jan 12, 2014
We pre-booked for my younger one as well, and then when on board, told them we did so and they refunded us and charged the $10 kid's fee. We just wanted to be sure we got a table for 4. But I've heard of others just not booking for any kids 12 and under and then charging when there. Net effect is the same.
As above poster...I can't talk for Izumi specifically but should be the same as other specialty dining chargers.


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Apr 8, 2015
We did a first night done right promo in 2017 on Harmony. Just booked my wife and myself. Once on board, went to a restaurant and added the kids plus changed the venue - they assigned us Jamie's, we wanted Chops.


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