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  1. 4evryoung

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    Aug 13, 2005
    Prior to the pool refurbishment at Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House I wrote to the resort manager about the poor condition of the smoking areas at the resort (perished,leaking fabric on umbrella/lack of shade and space for number of people using the limited space etc). We had 10 days of torrential rain in May and smokers were basically sitting on wet seats while the rain dripped through the canvas or were trying to cram 10-12 people under a small area of canvas. From my room at the far end of the resort, it was a 5 minute walk to either of the two smoking areas and then a miserable, wet experience as I dripped back through the hotel. The manager assured me this would be looked at in the refurb. Has anyone been to Jambo House recently who can confirm if they have upgraded the two smoking areas (one by the pool/gym and one by the bus waiting area)? If they haven't, I might have to drop him another e-mail.

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