Significant other just got a J tube, any advice?


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Jul 4, 2006
My significant other, Bill, had a stomach ulcer that perforated. During emergency surgery they took over half his stomach. He has Cerebral Palsy and uses a power wheelchair. He has always had a weak swallow but has adjusted and always eaten regular food. With this surgery, the J tube, and another surgery his swallow is really weak so they are going to be doing vital stim therapy for the swallow. He is still in the hospital being treated for pneumonia.

We are very new to this life and I was hoping I could get some insight and advice as to how to go from here. He will be in the hospital for quite some time. I am his caregiver when he is at home.


Oct 27, 2011
I don't have any real experience to share but wanted to say I'll be keeping you both in my thoughts and hoping his medical team is able to help him return home sooner rather than later. :hug:

SueM in MN

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Aug 23, 1999
Sorry to hear.
I don't have any direct experience, just work in a non-patient care area of a hospital with complex patients.
I can say that it may be a long process to get the nutrition with a J tube all worked out in terms of amount, how much to feed and speed, but it will work out.
Even if he's not able to swallow well enough to actually eat, most people do get to the point of tasting and some X mount of eating for pleasure.

Paula Sedley-Burke

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Nov 20, 2008
Hello. I'm Polly and I have a J tube right now. It is temporary and was put in due to my falling to a very low after inflamtory bowel problems. I have a night time feed but eat during the day to get maximum calorie intake. The tube is very strange at first. It feels strange. Like things taste different and it is even harder to swollow. But I have learnt to eat soft food. I also have to chew my food a lot. Will he eating as well as tube feed?

My wife is my carer and does my feed at night. Flushes the tube etc. Is his temporary too?


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