Seniors at Disney


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Jun 2, 2014
Hi! I hope I'm not in the wrong place in disabilities? I think most seniors have some form of disability, if not from disease, illnesses, then just from being older. We walk slower, are stiffer, etc than when we were younger!:) My husband, age 67, and me age 64, are Disney fanatics. We have started going to wDW every year now due to our ages and slowing down some. I have fibromyalgia and OA, hubby has back problems. BUT, we don't let that stop us from going to our favorite vacation place:lovestruc We are both early risers and the morning is best for me with my fibro, so we go to the parks early andcome back to the resort at noon for rest. We then go to another park in the pm, if we are up to it.
We started going to WDW when the kids were young. Then with grandkids. We usually go with family, sometimes as many as 9. One time we stayed a few days extra by ourselves, and WOW, was than a revelation! We loved it!!! Don't get me wrong, we love going with the kids grandkids, but we also discovered our love for Disney on our own. We can go at our own pace, actually look at the flowers, displays in the windows on Main St. USA, see attractions that we never took the time to do. It's just fun to stroll the streets holding hands (yep, still holding hands at our age:goodvibes. Going to WDW with grandkids is not for wimps. We ran all over the place and rode the wild rides with them. It was fun, but we will always go by ourselves when we can. We like to eat at different restaurants, window shop, go to DTD, Cirque de Soleil, etc. There's so much to discover, and I have a bucket list that we haven't been able to fit in yet:hug: So, if you see an older couple moving a little slowly, holding hands, smiling, that could be us. I'd love to hear from other seniors and hear tips and experiences.


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