Security took 18 minutes to show up after reporting an abandoned backpack.


Jul 24, 2018
It's been pounded into our heads since 9/11 that if you see something, say something, especially when it comes to abandoned bags in crowded areas...

The afternoon of the El Paso massacre, someone left a largish backpack unattended for a long time in the New Orleans area. After keeping an eye on it while taking a break there, asking around and others saying it had been there as long as they had been there, then reporting it to a CM, it then took security 18 minutes to show up and look at the bag. It doesn't even take 18 minutes to walk from the front gate back to Smuggler's Run.

This was my first trip to Disneyland so I don't know what is normal, but security is all over the place inside the park. I don't understand why it would take 18 minutes for one of them to show up after something like this is reported, especially since the CM was told the bag had already been abandoned for a long time.

The next few days I saw an increase of dogs at the entrance and security walking around, but what is the point when they drag their heels when somebody reports something suspicious? I don't know where Club 33 is exactly but it was near there and where people gather for Fantasmic. I also know there is a 99.9% chance it was a guest who set down their bag and then forgot where he or she put it, but you never know these days.


Jul 23, 2012
Have you written in to Disney with this comment? Did you stop by City Hall to leave this comment with a CM? Disney management is unlikely to see your comment here, but will receive it if you send it in via the website or leave it at City Hall. There are hidden security cameras all over the parks -- just because you didn't see a CM watching the bag, doesn't mean that it wasn't being watched. We've seen "abandoned" bags picked up within minutes (complete with a check by the dogs) and bags that were allowed to sit for a bit (while observed) to see if the owner came back. It all depends on the situation at the time. If this incident made you upset, send in a comment to Disney to let them know. Make sure to give your contact information so that someone can get back to you -- and don't be surprised if someone does.


Where's my Mai Tai?
Sep 8, 1999
From what I saw and experienced at Disneyland they were so thorough going through bags I would not have been all that worried. I know it ticked off some people going through every corner of a bag but I felt good about it. When I saw them turn away a woman with a handgun in her bag I knew they were doing their job.

While 18 minutes seems a bit excessive, we have no idea what else was going on.


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