Running Path at Boulder Ridge Villas is closed.


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Jun 6, 2001
Bummer... couldn't ride bikes to FW or run on the path in the mornings. It's being worked on... not sure how long. Just a heads up, everyone. That said... what a great vacation we are having. DVC members for almost 20 years now and the magic is still there!


Been here awhile
Aug 27, 2004
Yes, they closed the paved bike/walking path to FW back in early March. It will likely be closed for the next 2.5 - 3 years due to construction on Reflections, the new resort being built between FW and VWL (what they now call BRV). Of course, this move comes on top of the closing of the old nature trail that used to head off behind the bike rental area at VWL. That was my favorite running trail, but it was closed about four years ago when they began work on the Copper Creek cabins. It is now permanently closed. So much for retaining "wilderness" at the Wilderness Lodge.


Been here awhile
Aug 27, 2004
Two weeks out from my trip and I was afraid this was the case. Any recommendations for other running trails at Wilderness Lodge or Ft Wilderness?
You can run around the latter all you want; however, getting there has become an issue since you can only take a bus there now unless you drive over and have a reservation for dining there. That's rather a pain. At the Lodge itself, you can piece together routes to give you some options. (A) You can start at Geyser Point and take the path that takes you by all the cabins. You can run down one side, turn around, and run down to the opposite side--passing by GP--then come back to GP. (B) Alternately, you can start at one end of the path and run all the way down to the other end, then retrace your steps. (C) The New Balance running sign now has a route that has you start at that sign, run down to the farthest cabin on the south side (8026), cross over toward the cabin parking lot, then take the new sidewalk that was put down beside the old VWL building during the cabin construction and head back to the sign. (D) Finally, I've suggested taking the cabin path, running through the cabin parking lot (either end), hooking up to the main drive via said parking lot, then turning toward the back of the main parking lot out in front of WL proper and follow it around to the other cabin parking lot and back to your starting point.
Route A: a touch under a mile
Route B: same
Route C: just under half a mile
Route D: unsure, but I'd guess one loop would be right at a mile, perhaps a bit more
Obviously, you could mix and match or repeat loops to get the mileage you want. It's not optimum for running but beats driving to FW or a treadmill.


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