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Sep 17, 2002
I think I want to reserve a cabana at RP for the evening of July 4th. Is it too early to do this? Is there an e-mail for RP to contact them? Should I call the hotel directly? Should I call Loews since I booked through them?
I heard that RP only has 3 cabanas, so I want to make sure I get one, especially since it's on the 4th of July which might make pickings hard.
Can anyone advise?


I too will be there the 4th of July. In my opinion, the cabanas at RP are not worth the money. They are really small with only two lounge chairs and a table, small fridge, tv, and overhead fan. The hard rock ones were nicer. The pool area is so large that I don't think space will be a problem.


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Dec 12, 1999
I don't think you can rent one just at night. Why would you want to rent one at night? just curious. I agree with the previous poster. the cabanas at RP are terrible, tiny, not nearly as nice as the other two resorts. They aren't private at all. When it's busy they get swarmed with people from the hot tubs. the two lounge chairs that are in them take up the whole cabana.


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Sep 17, 2002
Aw gee! I'm disappointed to hear that the RP cabanas are not really worth it:(
My plan is/was to go to NASA for the whole day on July 4th, go back to RP in the evening, have our cabana waiting for us (myself, DH, DS11 and DS 17), and relax by the pool and enjoy the Fourth of July fireworks and whatever other activities they'll have at the hotel that night.
I read that some people were reserving cabanas for half days, I think from 3 -10 pm.
I just thought it would be cool to have our own private place by the pool while we celebrate Fourth of July night.
But now I just don't know.


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