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    We are researching this same issue. We already booked a 1 bedroom Villa at Saratoga using points (via RCI) for our family of 2 adults and 2 kids, but now my brother-in-law is also joining us so he will be our 5th person. We're not so much worried about the sleeping arrangements because we'll find space for everyone (and bring bedding if needed). We're wondering if we can "officially" add my BIL to the reservation so he can link his Magic Band to the room, use Magical Express, etc. We are driving and he is flying so he's the only one who would utilize Magical Express. Has anyone experienced this scenario with either Magic Bands or Magical Express for the 5th person?
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    Since this is on timeshare points via trade, 5 should be permitted.
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    You should have a contact number for DVC on your reservation. Call them and ask about adding the fifth person. You would need to provide a bed, sheets, towels for the fifth person because DVC won't.

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