Raising a Disneyland Kid

Erin M

Feb 12, 2018
I had one of those super proud parent moments this weekend and I figured this group is one of a few who would really get it.

We had to go lunch box shopping for a camp next week. There were about fifteen options at Target. Unicorns, glittery kittens, Captain Marvel. So many choices.

My kiddo picked up a kind of unassuming bag and declared, “I want this one. It looks like my favorite ride at Disneyland inside”.

Be still my heart. This is the bag.

So happy she holds onto these memories and also super proud that Space Mountain is her favorite at five years old. I was afraid of it until I was at least 12-13.


DIS Veteran
Mar 12, 2013
That's adorable. I'm raising 3 Disney kids. It's a great feeling when they relive their love of Disneyland. My kids like to recite the spiel from the Mickey and Friends tram at random moments and my older son is now attempting to memorize the Matterhorn spiel in Spanish.


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