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PTR - December 2018

Discussion in 'Disneyland Trip Reports' started by ClaraOswald, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. ClaraOswald

    ClaraOswald DIS Veteran

    Feb 12, 2014
    We want to head back to Disneyland this year! I have a couple trip reports in my signature (still working on the one from last June!)

    I am just going to jump right in to planning and introduce my family later.

    Right now....we are trying to figure out when to go. The original plan was actually to go to Disney World in early 2019. But our son has autism and developmental delays and we just don't feel he's ready for that yet. So why not head back to Disneyland one more like before the chaos of Star Wars Land??

    So at first we thought February 2019. But then we decided that maybe we want to go around Christmas again. We haven't been to the parks during that time since 2007 and I really miss it!

    A few days ago, our hotel opened up booking for December. We had picked the dates 5th - 13th or maybe 6th to the 14th. The problem is that for some reason, the hotel is showing no availability on the 8th. I emailed them about it (I HATE making phone calls) but haven't heard back. If I don't hear by Tuesday, I am going to call.

    I am hoping it's a glitch or something. But if it's not, than we may actually go in June instead. The downside of this is that the hotel may be slightly more expensive. Plus flights have already been released so they may cost more (I haven't really looked and I'm kind of nervous to.)

    There are some other positives and negatives with June vs. December.

    Pros of June....
    We kind of know what to expect since we went last June.
    Crowds may be slightly less than Christmastime.
    Our son might still fit in his stroller, if needed.
    Less chance of flight delays due to weather.

    Pros of December....
    Christmas decorations!
    Being in the parks after dark since it gets dark so much earlier than June.
    Cooler weather (maybe.)
    May not need as much sunscreen as in June (kind of a pain in the butt last year.)

    February 2019 is also a back-up plan but since so many more rides are closed that time of year, I would prefer a slightly more busy time of year.

    So yeah....now we just need to figure out what to do!
  2. ClaraOswald

    ClaraOswald DIS Veteran

    Feb 12, 2014
    The hotel wrote me back. It was a glitch and they fixed it. Woohoo!

    So I booked for December.

    Last year, I booked 8 nights. But then when flights were released, they were quite a bit cheaper 1 day before the days I booked. So I switched our hotel dates and ended up having to pay a bit more for that night. The guy on the phone said next time I should book extra days at the beginning and end, then when flights are finalized, just take off the days I don't need. That way I get the cheapest rate.

    I took his advice and did that this time. I booked December 4th - 14th. But once again, we will only actually be staying 8 nights.

    So now we just wait until June or so before we can book our flights. That always stresses me out a lot since I'm so picky about times and layovers.

    Around that time, we will also book our rental car. We will likely use airline miles for that to save some money.

    I think we may pay extra for Max Pass even though I feel it's pretty expensive. Since rides like Small World and Haunted Mansion will have overlays and be more popular, it may be worth it for those. And if our son likes characters a lot still, then we plan to get more photopass pictures taken.
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