Princesses from both coasts - Feb 2018 PHM PTR - update 8/1


planning epic 2020 trip!
Feb 20, 2013
Hello! Welcome to my Princess Half Marathon 2018 PTR!

Trip details:

What: trip to WDW for the Princess Half Marathon
When: February 23-26, 2018!
Why: See photo above.
Where: Staying on-site (of course) at Pop!
Who: Me (Megan), my friend Kathi and my friend/co-worker Melanie

I talked Kathi into flying all the way from the bay area in CA to come here for the race. Melanie and I will fly down from NC. Thus, Princesses from both coasts!

Continued in next post.


planning epic 2020 trip!
Feb 20, 2013

So here is what we have so far:

ADR Day: 8/27
FP Day: 12/25 :sad2:

2/23 – Friday
  • Megan & Mel flight info: arrive Delta AM
  • Kathi flight info: arrive SW PM
  • Take DME to Pop
  • Check into Pop Century
  • Lunch Megan & Mel – Disney Springs
  • Dinner Disney Springs – Raglan Road
2/24 - Saturday – Expo (9:30am-3:30pm), Epcot (9am-9pm)
  • Breakfast in room or at Everything Pop
  • Hit the Expo at open
  • FP for Soarin’, Test Track, FEA - but take it easy!
  • Lunch/Dinner: Via Napoli (probably)
  • In bed EARLY
2/25 - Sunday – Disney Princess Half Marathon (5:30am), MK (9am-?)
  • Breakfast in room – pb&j, banana, coffee (in room?)
  • Finish, back to hotel, shower and rest, eat snack box
  • To MK
  • FP for Space Mtn., 7DMT, BTMRR
  • Lunch Celebratory feast – O’hana 3pm?
  • Dinner: something QS
2/26 - Monday check out of Pop by 11am
  • DME pickup:
  • Megan & Melanie flight info: depart Delta AM
  • Kathi flight info: depart SW PM
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planning epic 2020 trip!
Feb 20, 2013
Ordered some cool stuff for the race today​

This shirt from Tee Digi

and this skirt from etsy seller DottieForRunning

So, I'm obviously going for a Princess Anna thing. Kathi ordered a skirt inspired by Princess Jasmine and Melanie ordered one inspired by Elsa! SO EXCITED! :dance3:

And in other news, I've decided to run the SW Darkside half in April - solo!



planning epic 2020 trip!
Feb 20, 2013
SO...... about that tutu....... it's a big NOPE. I will say, first, that it's absolutely gorgeous - exactly like the picture above and beautiful craftsmanship. But I put it on and looked at myself and all I could think was, "NO". I just look stupid wearing it. It's way too poofy and just not - me. It's really unfortunate because, like i said, it's so darn cute. We'll see how the other two "princesses" feel about theirs. Back to the skirt drawing board. Thinking I'll just go with a normal, non-poofy, running skirt in purple to match the Anna shirt above.


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