Portal 3?

Oswald lover

Nov 16, 2012
I've always played the Portal games with my dad, even if it was single player. We were SO happy that Portal 2 came with a separate co-op game. We finished both the single player, and co-op game, and started thinking about Portal 3. I looked up a trailer on YouTube and only found fan made ones. Does anybody know where I can find a real trailer, or if they are talking about making a 3rd Portal game?


Earning My Ears
Oct 24, 2013
No trailer of the game because for anyone knows Portal 3 isn't even in development.

So you know, it's even questionable if there will be a third game due to how finite the ending of Portal 2 appeared. Some people speculate that Portal 3 and Half Life 3 will be the same game, which might be the next appearance you get of Chell. If it does happen that way, the co-op might be different from the Portal 2 one.


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