Pixie Dust, or Pixie MOUNTAIN? A Grand (Roy) Disney Sept.'18 TR*update COMPLETE 3/17

Discussion in 'Disney Trip Reports' started by ariane37, Sep 27, 2018.

  1. kastoney

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    Jul 18, 2010
    Is it resizing or resmizing :-)

    YUM!!!!!!! This looks and sounds awesome. I don't think I've heard of this before. And kudos to Disney for finally serving something in a real cup and not a thimble :thumbsup2


    Man and I couldn't even seem to get extra coffee packs at the Beach Club :P

    Looks like this picture belongs in my tipsy notes :drinking1

    Yum! I would load up on bread all day long
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    Oct 16, 2015
    I can imagine how hard it will be to just sit on the sidelines. Thank Goodness he has good friends!

    Morgan signed up for basketball this year. She know zero things about basketball. First practice is Monday, it will be interesting!

    I was thinking the same thing!
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    Nov 20, 2005
    See! You are so lucky!

    Stop resizing, I like them big! Old eyes, ya know :rotfl:

    We saw those in October…amazing! The Poly tiki one was our favorite too :love:

    It doesn't appeal to me either, but I think I would have had to try it since everyone raves about it :P
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    May 27, 2009
    I'm so behind on the DIS but am catching up now!

    I had both of these and they were amazing!

    HAha nothing can compete with the Steve shrimp!! Can't wait for May!

    Aww you guys are sweaty cute.

    I had the bread too put it was ok, not as good as what you find in the Brazilian BBQ places. Steve doesn't like that sort of thing. I did not try the seafood stew but the pork belly there was sooo good!

    Oh how cool! I love character training and only have stumbled upon it like twice before!

    I remember that shirt! That would have been so cute! HAha Smee's shorts are so funny, they have darts on them.

    Wow what a pretty spread at the lounge! Love the fresh flowers in the room, you are getting all the luxuries!
    And I love 1900 Park Fare Strawberry soup!
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  6. ariane37

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    Sep 25, 2012
    Especially since we'd know it was coming :laughing: I'd have a huge grin on my face when we introduced them and then I wouldn't be able to stop giggling as we walked up to the cart with the GG slush, just thinking of what lie ahead :P

    :welcome: Ariana, and may I say beautiful name ;) Thank you for stopping by! Ugh I know there are some I'm missing from our group, and the ones I'm already on I'm definitely behind on :sad2:

    OMG it was absolutely amazing, so much so that even now when I think about it I get the chills! The most wonderful thing that's ever happened to us on a Disney trip :love: And lol our one other upgrade was standard to pool view, very nice and unexpected but compared to this? Whatever :laughing:

    You and @pepperandchips are just so freakin' clever :hyper:

    Unfortunately I'm fairly certain this was a festival special, or else I'd totally get one with you in May. And yes the human-size cup was an added treat, although the price went along with the cup size. You know, $7/thimble, $14 adult size plastic cup? But it was super good and you know that while it had some sweetness it couldn't have been overly sweet because other than his sugar cane shrimp sauce, Steve doesn't do overly sweet.

    Maybe if your last name was DeVizio you would have gotten Roy Disney coffee.........................

    Yay! I remember knowing nothing about basketball :) and now I can yell at refs and coaches and know what I'm talking about with the best of them! She'll pick it up quick, hopefully she has a good coach who at this age teaches the girls skills and keeps it fun, too!

    Mmm yes, I had to pull my readers out on my DCL ship tour today to read the lunch menu :sail: and since I was the only one at the table who had reached her 40's, it seriously wasn't cool............

    I thought about it for a minute but couldn't pick it up lol. I guess I should, I've tried so many other Disney foods that didn't necessarily appeal to me but I needed to see what the hype was about!

    Isn't that the story of our lives? If only we could put aside one day a week to ONLY DIS :cheer2:

    :goodvibes :scared:

    It's such a fun bonus! I feel like it's only done certain times of year; ones I can think of are shortly after the DCP starts and they're training new recruits lol and when they're training for the parties, which seems to be when we hit it most often. So we have a good chance of hitting it again in 2 weeks since they should still be training for MVMCP :santa::santa:

    :rotfl2:maybe he lost weight and his seamstress decided to make them more fashionable when she took them in !
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  7. ariane37

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    Sep 25, 2012
    12 days until our Thanksgiving in Disney trip!! In the last couple days I've:
    1. ordered some Sparkle Skirts for the first time, waiting for them to come

    2. ordered shirts from RedBubble for myself and the boys; Steve said nuh-uh (guess his 7DMT is enough)
    3. filled my Disney Store cart up and just need to pull the trigger; if I'm going to do it I need to do it soon to get the stuff before we leave!
    4. Booked HS EMM for us on the 21st :thumbsup2 I have great luck getting SDD FP's for my clients but could only get it for us on one day. I think the boys will really like it and otherwise we have no plans until about 3pm this day, so they can go back to the room and chill afterwards.
    5. What I have NOT done is bought their Universal tickets or our Blue Man Group tickets, so I need to do that asap

    I really cannot wait for this trip, it's even more needed than our adult only Sept. trip and while Ricky's been looking foward to it for awhile it appears Chris may even be looking forward to it now :worship:

    Chocolate & Champagne Pixie dust, OH MY!
    Day 2 part 4
    When I last left off Steve and I had stopped by the lounge for some late afternoon offerings while waiting for Cathy and Brandon to come visit our little hotel room. We had plans to go to HS that night with an ***aucers FP for 6pm; as I said above, I have found it really easy, surprisingly, to get SDD for clients, but couldn't get it at all for us in Sept. and only have it once for this month. I wasn't overly excited to ride Swirling Saucers but figured it's new, might as well. So I wasn't planning on Cathy staying long and didn't know what they were doing that evening.
    It was about 5 when they got there; we met them in the lobby, escorted them through the lounge where Brandon's eyes got HUGE, and brought them to the R.D. Suite where his eyes got even bigger. He immediately latched on to the tapestry/TV, plopped on to the couch and put on the Disney channel while I showed Cathy around. We were hangin' in the ridiculously large master bedroom when there was a knock on the door.....Steve walks in the bedroom with this huge *$@* eating grin on his face and says "hey Air can you come here for a minute? We have a delivery" and proceeds to squat down on the floor and almost roll over in hysterics.

    I walk out to our foyer :tiptoe:, see a CM in a butler uniform, and on the side table in the living room is this:


    AND now my pictures are small :sad2: If you can't read the card, it says "congratulations to the first time grandparents" your concierge team!


    That beautiful Mickey is white chocolate with little gold touches. The champagne was bubbly, the chocolate covered strawberries chilled and sweet :cloud9:

    I'm too lazy to go back to the beginning of this report but when we were being checked in, the club CM noticed I'd put "Grams" and "Gramps" on our MB's. He commented on it and I told him about Hayden being our first, etc. He was a grandfather and yes, he set this up. We saw him later in the trip and thanked him profusely!

    We were like holy crap, when will this pixiedust:pixiedust:pixiedust:pixiedust:pixiedust:pixiedust:pixiedust:pixiedust:pixiedust:pixiedust:pixiedust:pixiedust:pixiedust: end??? as we popped the champagne


    Steve doesn't drink champagne but when the CM saw Cathy, he said that he'd bring a 3rd glass down as soon as he made his delivery to the "Walt Suite". I wonder if the occupants were paying guests or had been upgraded like us????
    Brandon came to look and was enthralled by Mickey. He's allergic to strawberries, mildly, so I couldn't offer him those. He was looking at Mickey so longingly that I offered him a piece, and before too long Mickey was missing a couple apendages. I should have taken a picture but it looked so wrong lol! Plus we were sitting at my gigantor dining room table sipping bubbly, so I was too busy to get up again :snooty:
    However after Brandon took the above picture of us (Steve was on the deck on a work call) he did ask to take one in another part of the suite since "it's so big". I told him to choose the spot:


    Can't really say day drinking since it was after 5pm; so let's call it
    or whatever you like, I'm open to suggestions since I have some very clever smarty-pants friends @pepperandchips and @kastoney

    We drank champagne (and danced all night, under electric candlelight...............) while Brandon joined Steve on our deck. It was so cute, Brandon was missing his dad so he kind of latched on to Steve. We were really enjoying our champagne and Brandon and Steve were enjoying their people watching, and before we knew it it was 6:15!
    Brandon asked to accompany us to HS which was open until 8, so that's where we headed and soon I got my first glimpse of the new TSL:



    So awesome in the dark! We were just in time for the end of our Alien Saucers FP window and, to make a long story short, Brandon's adorableness got him and Cathy on with us rather than waiting in the 30 minute SB line ;) It was.......ok. I don't need to ride again. As some of you know and some don't it's nowhere near as swirly and vomit inducing as the teacups but it did still make me a bit woozy. I don't think the boys will be impressed with it either, but they'll probably try it during EMM.

    After that the line for SDD was still over an hour and we were parched. The best thing to do when you're woozy and parched? Try the Grown-Up's lemonade at Woody's Lunch Box!

    Grown-Up's Lemonade
    Three Olives Cherry Vodka, odwalla® All-Natural Lemonade and Black Cherry Purée

    And to go with the picture of the drink, I give you your laugh for the day:


    I much prefer Brandon as a photographer over Steve! No idea why the face; we both liked the drink which was heavy on the vodka and on the black cherry puree making it rather sweet. I don't have a picture but Brandon tried the
    Ice Cream Float with Barq's® Root Beer
    made with Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream

    Mom said no; Steve said yes. Brandon was happy.

    Here's a better picture although I guess I have to admit the one above is more the norm for how I look:

    IMG_8772 (2).JPG

    I also really REALLY love TSL at night! We chatted a bit and checked the wait time for SDD again. It was now 7:45, 15 minutes till closing, and the wait time was 40 minutes so we said what the heck! and jumped in line.

    LOVE.IT. So much more than I expected it to be!! First of all the track is higher than I thought; Chris is going to be shocked and refuse to ride it at first lol. It's just so awesome, another reason I booked HS EMM!


    We waited right around 30 minutes which was not bad at all and I'm glad our first ride was at night, although I didn't get a good look into Galaxy's Edge. Not that I care much about SW you know, but still wanted to see inside!
    The park was closed when we got off but I had one very special thing left to do! We said our good-bye's to Cathy and Brandon who were leaving the next day (Cathy said when they got back to their room he cried because he didn't want to leave us :sad1:) and hung out at the exit ramp of SDD. Eventually a special DIS friend rolled up and I had my 2nd ever meet with Billie @Elevationist :cheer2:


    This was at the exit of HS where you return strollers and scooters, we chatted by SDD and then walked/scooted out together. Our first "meet" was this past May and our next "meet" will be next May along with lots of other fab DIS friends, and I can't wait because Billie is fabulous! Originally she was supposed to have another day or two in WDW and I really wanted her to see the suite, but then her "hurrication" vacation got cut short and it didn't happen. Maybe next time I stay there lol.

    We timed it just perfectly and managed to leave HS with the whole Fantasmic! crowd, but luckily the GF bus wait wasn't bad. Which was good because the little lounge snacks had completely worn off and we were approaching hangry mode!


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    Jan 25, 2005
    I'm dying at tubchugging! :rotfl2::rotfl2:

    The white chocolate Mickey looks similar to the white chocolate Cinderella they have at the Contemporary for Christmas. I just can't get past the idea of chewing off Cindy's head!
    And I too am getting excited for our November trip. The weather has been so ICK here!
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    Nov 20, 2005
    So exciting!

    What?? OMG!!


    It's so much fun! I can't wait to bring my kids in April!

    Love it!
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    Jun 25, 2003
    Wow, Wow, and Wow again! :) Loved the update!

    Btw, if you can hold out Disney's Friends & Family event starts Thursday, 11/8/2018...I know we have been giving out coupons for weeks in the stores, and I am sure it will be online too. But it is 25% off most items (the usual exclusions, media, certain brands, etc.)

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  11. Terra Nova guy

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    Nov 11, 2014
    First, I hadn't heard of this site. Very cool! I really like some of those shirts. I usually don't order things from these sites because they are all US based and shipping/customs is so bad to get things into Canada. That's why my wife and I stopped shopping on the Disney Store site. But always good to look around.
    Second, I had to laugh at your comment about Steve. I still remember that green shirt he wore with (I think) Grumpy heads all over it that you hated but I thought was cool. :rotfl:

    Those stars are so taking the fun out of it....

    I you didn't have pictures, I might not believe you :laughing:
    What a nice gesture, and what an incredible trip!

    ???? It's hard to make this stuff family friendly. :p

    So rotted I never got there in the dark. Oh well, something for next time...
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  12. summerskye

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    Aug 30, 2009

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  13. summerskye

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    Aug 30, 2009

    It looks like the green army man is thinking "really lady, I am already holding up this cheese. Now I have to help keep you upright as well... :rotfl2:
  14. summerskye

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    Aug 30, 2009
    We are down to 9 days... woo hoo

    That sounds so good.

    My youngest will have to have one of those. She loves root beer floats.

    We are doing this on the 19th, then MK EMM on the 20th. Very excited.

    Hopefully we will run into your family over Thanksgiving. Just look for the dad with 3 girls (wife included) looking for a cold adult beverage...And not wearing a matching shirt !!!
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  15. chunkymonkey

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    May 27, 2009
    Hope you like the Sparkleskirts!! That's pretty much all I wear now at Disney. It's like my "theme park" outfit!

    WOW That is sooo awesome!!! You're getting pixie dust on top of pixie dust.

    That is the sweetest gesture ever! So thoughtful!

    I like #tubchugging!!!

    your ride pic came out nice!

    Aww how cute! So glad you guys were able to meet up there during the hurrication. It's too bad she didn't get to see your suite!
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  16. missjackiemcg

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    Sep 2, 2013
    That made me tear up!! How incredibly sweet and special!!!

    This is my new favorite hashtag. Hands down.

    Disney does this to people. This is what total relaxation looks like :)

    I'm jealous!! Billie is fabulous!! :)
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  17. Wayland10

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    Jun 30, 2018
    I teach at the Culinary Institute of America! Sorry you were disappointed with the student cakes, they're all about fondant technique and not necessarily about flavor. Come visit and I'll take you to the Apple Pie Bakery Cafe for something a little bit better!
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    Jan 25, 2012
    The fact that the DIS censored this made me giggle.

    Wow! So much pixie dust. That looks way too good to eat.

    I'm not a creative person but the photo did give me a good laugh!

    I've been twice now and still haven't seen it at night. :sad1: I'm not sure if I'll fit it in during the May trip either since we already have so many nighttime activities planned.

    Oh, I love sweet drinks! I need to add this to my list for May.

    That's definitely not a bad wait at all! My best one though was on Na'vi River Journey. Posted wait time was 45 minutes and I was on in 9.

    Yay for a DIS meet! I can't wait to meet both of you in May.
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  19. disneyAndi14

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    Jan 1, 2014
    Fun evening, the Pixie Dust just keeps coming doesn’t it? I love it!

    Glad you got to try out SDD! I am excited to see TSL at night. We didn’t go back in the evening at all in August.

    How nice to meet up with several friends this trip!

    I hope to finally meet you in May!

    How exciting for your Thanksgiving Trip, we were heading there last year! We really enjoyed the Thanksgiving week there. We spent Thanksgiving Day at AK and it was so fun and not super crowded! I sure hope you and family have an awesome time. Ricky needs a vacation of fun and the Disney bubble for sure!
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  20. Smilelea

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    Jun 15, 2017
    Woohoo! I have one!! C wont let me order anymore. But, I'm still working on him.

    Holy moly at more pixie dust!!! Love it!

    The boys were in awe of Toy Story Land as well. They did a great job with it. G is not a fan of Alien Saucer Spin though.
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  21. suse66

    suse66 Mickey Bars should be a daily food group!

    Sep 3, 2008
    They totally could have got their license last spring once they turned 16. It's their unreasonable parents who are making them wait until they are 17, lol!

    Hurray! 23 days for me! :)

    Chris??? Looking forward to Disney?? I hope you have a ball!


    Totally a #tubchugger. Bubblebaths and wine go hand in hand, after all!

    It's so pretty!

    I loved it too!

    Love Dis Meets!

    Can't wait!
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