Earning My Ears
Dec 8, 2017
When I was a kid, during the Year of a Million Dreams at Disneyland, my brother and I were chosen to participate in the flag retreat. We carried tiny little flags and walked around where they told us to during the ceremony, and then we were given these pins. The man said there were only two of these pins in the world, and my brother and I have them. I’m not an active member of this community, and I’m bad with forums so I have no idea how to post a photo, but the pin is a rectangular one with mickey in blue shorts saluting as the American flag waves behind him, and at the bottom it says Disneyland Resort. I can’t find any information about this pin online, and I have a feeling this is something really special, so I would love if any of you Disney experts could do some sleuthing and find out information about this particular pin. Any info is appreciated!


I Love Figment
Feb 2, 2001
I am not an expert, but the first place I would look is the Disney board for pins--the link is --


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