Pin Collection Ideas Anyone?

  • jaycns

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    Nov 19, 2005
    I bought an art canvas...gave my boys acrylic paints and told them to paint a Disney scene (my boys are very young so it looked very "abstract"...we attached all of the pins they have collected over the past few vacations starting at the outside and working in over the years. That way we have something to look in the blank middle and it also gives us a way to easily see the "trends" in their collecting (my middle son had one year that he was in LOVE with Dumbo and almost every pin he traded for that year had something to do with Dumbo) and is a way to keep the whole collection together. Good matter how you end up showing them off they will bring a smile when you walk by! :)


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    Nov 23, 2001
    There are lots of good ideas in the Pin Gallery at http://p095.************/bdizpinsboards - Quess that isn't allowed but you can also get there from use the button Dizpins Boards.

    I've framed some, I have a mat cutter and that really helps. I don't have any pictures of the ones I've done. Need to work out a way to take a pic without the glass glare.

    My 11yo DD has been collecting Stitch pins and I think we are going to pin them to the black comforter that is her window covering. It will be a good backdrop and give it some decoration. She has a couple of shelves of stuffed Stitch's also so it will work in the room.


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    Jul 10, 2005
    We bought this huge display box/shadow box thingy with a hinged door. it's got a cloth interior and we just add pins as we get them :) it's great! we got it at Marshall Fields interiors.


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    Jan 26, 2002
    Some pics we took of a friends pins..

    4 sided pin display:

    Framed cork board:

    You can get big, thick unframed sheets of cork, used above from industrial supply places.

    I found a large cork board from the Container Store (3'x2' or so) cheaper than Staples and office depot. One room of the house we moved into, was covered in cork.. I covered it in black fabric and stuck pins in it!


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