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Dec 16, 2004
Just returned from a quick four day trip to WDW, staying on rented points at OKW. DW, 59, and I, 63.

I was impressed with the resort. Our home resort is BWV, and I did miss the proximity to Epcot and DS, but the bus service was efficient. We were quite a ways back from the Hospitality House, and our third floor deluxe studio was a bit of a hike. The growth blocked the view of the 6th tee on Lake Buena Vista golf course. I don't know if they ever plan to trim it. It does add privacy, but I would have enjoyed a view.

We didn't eat at Olivia's but we did use the walk up window. I was a tad disappointed, not so much with the food, it was typical walk up food, but with the impatience of the cast members. I felt they were a bit indifferent to the customers, most of whom are unfamiliar with the menu and process for ordering. Two of the young ladies seems more interested in their conversation with the each other than a smile and nod. There was a bit of a mix-up with our order, their mix-up, and when I realized it and pointed it out, they seemed to feel I should have been grateful for the extra order of fries. Perhaps I was being overly sensitive, but that's what I expect at the fast food joint across the street, but not from Disney CM's.

The parks were moderately full. We did Avatar, FOP, at rope drop (second time we've done it this way). Fast passed a few other rides. Did Slinky Dog Dash using stand-by. We had a fast pass for later in the day, but I figured going back to the room, coming back to the park for the fast pass, why not just wait in line. 70 minute posted. 65 minute actual. So that's what we did. We'd ridden it at night in September. That's a much nicer experience.

We saw the Frozen singalong for the first time. How great is that! Also checked out the new cars show. The kids will love it.

We're going with the family (kids and grandkids) in June, so we approached this trip with that in mind.

We ate at California Grill for the second time. This time we took advantage of the observation deck to view Happily Ever After. You see little of the castle and the angle really shows how far back the main fireworks are launched, but the experience of being 15 stories up and outside if worth it. Just as an aside, the halibut entrée was amazing.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. I know this is a cursory report, but I tried to touch on the highlights.


DIS Veteran
Apr 11, 2003
Thanks for the report. We’re long-time OKW members and love to eat at Olivia’s. I agree that Good’s take-out is not a great alternative. We find the food to be okay although pricey. But we’ve always been underwhelmed by the service, so much so that we pretty much avoid going there. Since the level of service at Olivia’s is exceptional, that is disappointing.
Dec 16, 2004
Thanks for the report. Do you feel like the time of year was good to avoid the crowds?
I would say the crowds were moderate. There were a number of groups there. Seemed like a number of local Florida elementary school day trips. I've been to WDW so many times now, and my assessment is that there are no longer any really light seasons.


Earning My Ears
Apr 11, 2019
Thanks for the response. Kind of a bummer to hear, but I have heard the same sentiment echoed by others. Our last trip to Disneyland overlapped with a day for high school seniors so the parks were packed to the brim. The next day, however, crowds were significantly lower and the experience much more pleasant. Seems like DW has a lot of days with large crowds of students.


Earning My Ears
Apr 24, 2019
We are headed to OKW this summer. What would your guesstimate be of how long it took to get from the resort to each park via the bus system?


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