OKW / BWV Inspiration Room & a Request (please)


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Oct 11, 2004
We're not "officially" done, but I wanted to share our progress on our first "Disney Inspired" room. We recently moved into a new home and we're "Disney-Theming" the most of the house!

We're not trying to do exact copies, but more of "inspired by" rooms, so they're not too "over the top" Disney.

Each of the 4 bedrooms will be themed as a different resort. We've got one of the guest rooms done as a "Boardwalk/Old Key West" theme. The other bedrooms are going to be Fort Wilderness and Animal Kingdom Lodge themed. We haven't decided on the master, yet.

Our library is going to be themed like the "Adventurers Club". We're about 20% done here. Our sitting room and dining room is Caribbean Beach inspired. We're about 70% done here.

We're still debating on the theming of the Great Room and my office. I was thinking of Saratoga Springs for the office.

HERE'S MY REQUEST... We want one of the walls like Olivia's - with all the pictures. We would love it if our DIS friends would mail us a signed picture of them at WDW, just like at Olivia's. We're going to (try and) fill up at least one of the walls with them! PM me for my address if you'd would care to adorn our walls.

Here's our progress...

Bed & Side Table. We're getting the next pic framed and put over the bed.

Armoire and the soon to be "Olivia's" wall of pictures, so use your imagination here... lots of pictures covering these 2 walls.

OKW Inspired Bath (vanity). My fiance originally wanted a pale yellow. I insisted that we use a Coral color, like the walls in OKW. I won. Now I wish I chose the yellow, because it's a little TOO coral in there. My fiance, however, likes it.

The "other" part of the bath.

To be put on the walls in the bath. My fiance tells me that once these are hung, it'll bring in some of the blue from the bedroom and tone down the coral. I hope she's right!



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