Newport Bay or Sequoia?

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  1. 40-Something Kid

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    Oct 15, 2004
    My friends and I, all from the US, plan to run the DLP Half Marathon next September. We are narrowing down choices for hotel. Prices are similar for Newport Bay and Sequoia, based on research--about $30 per night difference. For those who know the resorts--which option would you choose and why?
  2. BadPinkTink

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    Mar 13, 2015
    First off , they are HOTELS not resorts.
    Sequoia is located on the side of Lake Disney. Most of the standard rooms are located in separate buildings called lodges at the back of the main building. The pool is also not in the main building. The theming of the hotel is very similar to Grand Californian. The more expensive standard rooms called Montana rooms and the club level are in the main building.

    Newport Bay is a very large hotel located at the end of Lake Disney. Some rooms can be up to 15 minutes walk from the main lobby / restaurants. It also has a longer walk to Disney Village and the parks than Sequoia Lodge. It is themed like a Newport Bay Country Club
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  4. loladelorean

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    Mar 9, 2010
    This is purely a matter of personal preference, and I'm sure you'll have a good stay no matter what. Personally, having stayed in both, Sequoia is my clear preference. I love the theme and the colours, especially in autumn and winter, and I've been able to get Golden Forrest for the same price as a standard Newport room which makes it more than worth it.
    I have only stayed in Newport once and it was pretty bad because our room was at the furthest possible point from reception, almost 20 minutes walk. It sucked! It's a taste thing but I find the decor and colours at Newport to be cold and uninviting.
    Others are bound to have the opposite opinion!
  5. ThBa

    ThBa DIS Veteran

    Jul 13, 2010
    Same with me. I have just booked the Golden Forrest Club for a very good price but if we have the opportunity to choose between these two hotels we always stay at the SQL.
    Perhaps it is an emotion desicion because the SQL was our very first hotel at DLP and we had some good experience there during a horrible time for us there at a later stay. The NPB is too big and crowdy for us. I always felt that the SQL is more familiar with the CM than the NPB.

    When staying at the SQL go for a Montana room or a Golden Forest Club room. Some of the Lodges are very far away too.

    Both are great hotels but it is like loladelorean said...for me SQL wins.

    I can still hear the birds sing and the relaxing music is in my ears.

  6. olafLover

    olafLover DIS Veteran

    Jun 28, 2017
    We have been really lucky to be upgraded to a suite in SQL. Since then my husband refuses to go back, because no holiday will be as good as that one was. But last weekend, through a loophole, I had breakfast in the golden forest club again, and it is so nice and beautiful! We love to cruise, so the New Port Bay theme is also for us, but it can't beat the SQL. And we were lucky to have a room close to the reception in NPB ;)
    Next year during the Run weekend, I'm going to try to get Golden Forest again.
  7. cherrymarzipan

    cherrymarzipan DIS Veteran

    Mar 16, 2010
    We've stayed club class at both a few times but wouldn't particularly want far flung rooms in either hotel. I like both but think if the price was similar I would go for NBC. I like the lighter, brighter feel and I think the walk to the hotel is a little shorter taking the left hand walk around the lake. It also means you use the much quieter and therefore quicker security entrance into the Village. For SL you are sharing security with HNY, C and SF guests. I've never used the SL pool but like the NBC pool a lot - good indoor area with plenty of pool equipment for children.
  8. meggiebeth

    meggiebeth WDW, DLR & DLP enthusiast

    Aug 1, 2011
    Both are very nice, but as a previous poster said, I’d be aware that they aren’t resorts like in WDW, but very much hotels with fewer facilities. I slightly prefer Newport Bay, but the communal areas at Sequoia Lodge are better. Newport Bay has a nice outdoor pool weather permitting (not sure about Sequoia) and both have indoor pools. I’d look at booking a club level room for the additional perks you get there - the breakfast alone makes it good value!
  9. Maineiak

    Maineiak Mouseketeer

    Dec 27, 2013
    Just booked Newport for us for next June. Chose it over Sequoia as their pool will be closed and we didn’t feel like trekking to another hotel to use a pool if we wanted to use one.
  10. Karin1984

    Karin1984 DIS Veteran

    Feb 5, 2012
    As FYI to the OP, the Sequoia Lodge pool will be closed from NOV18 - JUN19. It should be back for the run weekend in September 2019.

    And for the walking in New Port Bay, that's only mandatory at checking in, right? All the buildings have side doors, I believe. You don't have to go to the main building first and then trail back to the wings (If you are in the wing closed to Disney Village). Nowadays with check out you can just leave. Then it would depend on your transportation if you would need to go back to the main building. For cars, and buses back to the airport, you would have to go to the main building, however if you would take the train and you are in the wings next to Disney Village, you could leave through one of the side doors and walk to the station directly.

    If the difference is that small, I would just go with whatever style you prefer. However, I would invest in getting a bigger room. Normally for us, the hotel is just a place to sleep, we are in the parks all day. So all we need are beds and a clean bathroom. After the runs this year, we spend a lot of time in the room to recover and chill instead of running around the park (like we did last year...). It was so nice to have the space in the room to relax and not being cramped.

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