Never wanted to visit Disney, now converted


Earning My Ears
Nov 18, 2019
I totally understand you! I was never into Disney - or WDW before my American boyfriend convinced me to visit, as a detour, during one of our trips to see his family on the East Coast.

Being from Italy, I thought WDW was an awfully expensive place made for kids and I thought of it as a very stereotypical representation of American culture. I was not yet aware of the pure JOY that I would experience on my first visit. That was 2015: we spent 3 days on property, with barely any plan and still it was the best experience I had in a very long time!

Fast forward to now: planning our next trip for April/May 2020 and literally cannot think about anything else!
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elaine amj

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Jan 26, 2012
10 years ago we went for a long weekend. Two months later, we were back for 10 nights! We visit every year now and I get more and more in love with it each time.


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