Need ideas for food names


Jan 31, 2016
Hello all!

My son's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse bday party is this weekend and I am currently in the process of printing food labels to put on the table so people know what they are eating. Everything is Disney themed (i.e Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sandwiches, Hot Diggity Dogs...etc, you get the idea). I have most of them done, except for a few that I cannot come up with any creative names for them. They are:

-Fruit Salad
-Jello Cups
-Cupcakes (they are Coconut and Lime cupcakes, so I was thinking something related to Polynesian?)

Could you help me out with some ideas? It doesn't have to be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse exclusively, anything Disney related would be fine :)

Thank you all for helping me out!


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