My interview with the incomparable Steve Vai


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Apr 2, 2009
Folks, my interview with the legendary, three-time Grammy-winner Steve Vai is in the July/latest issue of Music Connection magazine (both print and online)! I got to sit down with him a few days after the Grammys at his amazing home studio for one of the best interviews I've ever conducted. Great guy, very wise, very cool and an amazing player. The reason I include the cover and TOC is because his name is on the cover... and my name is in the TOC (and on the article page) ;-). Vai began his career with Frank Zappa and went on the play with David Lee Roth after he left Van Halen. He now enjoys a very successful solo career. His home was like an estate. His front yard reminded me of Disneyland because it was so beautifully maintained and immaculate.

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Music Connection has been in print since 1977 and is also available here for free:

Listen to Vai's Juice here:

Hand on Heart is also sublime:
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