My husband Passed Away November 4th


A rockin' mom and her sweet princess
Nov 19, 2007
I am so very sorry for your loss. I lost my father a year ago suddenly- he was young. Died out of nowhere. Steak on the grill only half done. My mom was in such shock, when she got home from the hospital she actually wrapped the thing in tinfoil thinking she'd eat it later.

Anyway, I am glad to read you had such a memorable experience with your husband in NYC. I live here, I know how special this crazy place can be.

When are you going in October? I will be there (probably alone) with my 5 year old DD October 21-26th. I will (hopefully) be newly divorced. Maybe we will see you.

Warm hugs...


Earning My Ears
Jul 3, 2001
I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I know that friends and family can be a great source of comfort and help to you and your children as you move forward with your new reality. I lost my husband unexpectedly in February. I know in my mind that it will get better but my heart doesn't know that yet.


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