Max pass park hopper question


Earning My Ears
Dec 6, 2012
Hello! It has been many years since I've been to Disneyland and when I was there previously you were able to collect fastpasses for both Disneyland and California Adventure at the same time (the fastpass systems were separate so even if it wasn't time for you to collect a new fastpass in Disneyland you could hop over to California Adventure and pull one) Is this still the case now with Maxpass or are they linked now? Thank you!


DIS Veteran
Jan 23, 2012
Everything is linked now.
The good 'ole days are a thing of the past.

The return times are even being enforced.


DIS Veteran
Apr 22, 2006
As Geemo said, all of the attractions are now linked. You can still use MaxPass/FastPass in both parks as long as your ticket has been used to enter one of the parks (i.e., if you're in Disneyland and eligible to get another FP, you can select an available attraction in DCA). They are enforcing return times and the app will (usually) tell you when your window has opened. When it has closed, the FP will disappear if you did not use it.


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