Mary Blair artwork from Contemp/Poly 1970s rooms


<font color=blue>Not only a DIS Vet, but a 33 year
Jun 13, 2000
I would love to have one of those, too.

Last year, two of them were for sale on ebay. They each sold in the $500 -$600 range. They were listed by a private seller from Indianapolis.

Good luck in your search!


Earning My Ears
Apr 11, 2009
Two of the Indian design prints that were in the Contemporary Resort from 1971-1985 are for sale on eBay with the auction ending on April 16th 2009. They are very rare and you can find them on eBay by searching "Mary Blair theme park art".


Earning My Ears
Aug 14, 2019
I have the set of 5 from the Contemporary Resort from 1971. When they remodeled in 1980 my mother in law bought them, she worked for Disney contractors. Yes, they are rare not many survived the remodeling. Four 23”x26” and one 36”x26”


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