Just got back from Poly...need more meatballs!


Aug 16, 2006
hi! Just got back from staying at the new Poly, and I had the Coconut curry meatballs over rice based on Pete's recommendation! I had it more than once! It is not pretty, and I Have never had curry before, but I LOVE them. I NEED THAT RECIPE!


Feb 16, 2008
First off...what restaurant? Please be as specific as possible when asking...I did a search and found it's from Captain Cook's. Since this was recently redone the menu is new and there are no recipes out there that I could find. Your best chance is to email Guest Services and politely request the recipe (let them know when you were there and that you had them repeatedly). They have not been too forthcoming with recipes lately, but it's worth a shot and remember that not all recipes can be shared. Good luck

FYI there is a VERY long running Disney Recipe thread in this forum with tons of recipes to recreate at home (many have photos and reviews)


Scrapbook Mom
Dec 28, 2005
Thanks greeneyes for answering!! WE almost have the index ready to go.. Hoping that it will be current by mid-week!!! ;)


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