Just came back from Shanghai Disney & Tokyo Disney


Nov 24, 2014
So sadly I just came back from our Disney Asia trip. Here are a few thoughts regarding the resorts -- maybe I'll do a trip report? Not sure yet.

Brief overview
Flew American Airlines & Japan Airlines
Stayed at Toy Story Hotel (Shanghai)
Hilton Tokyo Bay (TDR)
Tokyo Disneyland Hotel (TDR)
Used 144 hour visa free transit
Used taxis/airport limo bus

Shanghai Disney
What a beautiful park. My oh my. Gorgeous.
However - the crowds are terrible and the guests are...a bit rude. (I'm sorry!)
Technology really shines here in this park in their rides. I wish WDW wasn't building Tron because its what makes Shanghai Disney's Tomorrowland unique. But I get it.

This resort in time will grow to be larger and I can absolutely see more hotels built here along with a second gate some day.
Even with the crowds and rude guests (again not everyone, but a good chunk) I can't wait to go back.

Tokyo Disney
This was our second time going. And sorry to say - and some people may disagree with me - this is still the BEST Disney resort out there.
Right now construction is heavy in Tokyo Disneyland but let tell you - when that new huge expansion opens in the spring, best believe it will blow all the other castle parks around the world out of the water.

DisneySea is well... perfection. And the concept art for Fantasy Springs only excites me more.

Also with 2 more Disney hotels being built here, this resort is only expanding as the years pass by.

Yes - WDW has more parks and hotels but I'll take quality over quantity any day.

Also what I did notice this time around at TDR is that digital fast passes are coming, and I was there on Day 1 of that. People were scanning their phones at the Fastpass terminals (they look and make the same exact noise as WDW). The Disney hotels have switched from traditional key cards that insert in the doors to the RFID room keys.

With those changes I saw - I am sure TDR will roll out something similar to Magic Bands or MagicPass (Disneyland Paris) where everything will be on one card.


Those are my thoughts for now - please if anyone has questions about anything let me know! I'd love to answer them :)


Nov 24, 2014
Did you try using the digital FPs?
We used digital FP in Shanghai, worked great.

Tokyo Disney unfortunately at this moment only has the app available in Japanese. The apps only been out for a year.
So we still had to collect our FPs at the ticketing machines. However they scanned our park tickets for the FP line instead of collecting our FP tickets.


Earning My Ears
Aug 4, 2019
I'm staying in the Hilton in December, how is it?

Can't wait to see DS. Going there the day before the Indiana jones ride closes for refurb so fingers crossed I get to see it


Reach out and find your Happily Ever After
Jun 7, 2011
How was the shuttle bus from Toy Story Hotel to Shanghai Disneyland in the morning? I was there in July and I checked out Toy Story Hotel in the morning and the line to get into the shuttle was extremely long.


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