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midnight star

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Aug 11, 2017
Booked our trip for January 21-27. We will be staying at Coronado Springs. Have a few questions.
1. Is there anything going on during this time? I did some research and I made sure to book after the marathon weekend and MLK weekend. Not sure if there is anything else going on?
2. I've downloaded the app, linked my reservation, and tickets on MDE. What do I need to do next? I know I have some time before choosing dining and fastpasses
3. Are crowd calendars accurate? The ones for DL aren't accurate, and crowds tend to be based on the blackouts. The majority of the days say 4/10, except for Saturday and Sunday say 6/10 (I'm assuming that's due to the weekend). I also ask this since SWGE will be open then, and am not sure if more crowds will come to Disney World. We are ok with skipping SWGE since we have it in DL.

Luvs Mickey

May 27, 2018
Good for you!!

1. It doesn’t look like anything is going on in regard to cheer events, etc. These typically affect resorts and not so much parks. This is the week of MLK, so it’s possible many will take advantage of the short week and stay past Monday.

2. As PP stated, you can start thinking about what day you’ll be at what park and make dining reservations. Some things to consider are if there’s EMH or paid after hours events the day you visit the park. The days there’s paid after hours event are typically lower crowds during regular hours due to limited hours. EMH days are typically busier.

3. Due to SWGE opening it’s still unknown how this will affect crowd calendar accuracy. The last two weeks in January are typically quieter. We’ve been there many times during the last two weeks and still have experienced busy park days. Be sure to pack all ranges of clothes because the weather can be cool (sometimes down right cold), especially in the evening.
  • Tinkerbellmom43

    Re-earning my ears
    Feb 8, 2014
    Chiming in with the PP's :-) They said what I was thinking about cheer groups etc. If you haven't found it while researching, The Festival of the Arts is going on in Epcot. It's a special event celebrating the visual, culinary, and performing arts from around the world. We've done it the last two January's and it's lots of fun.

    midnight star

    DIS Veteran
    Aug 11, 2017
    Thank you everyone! I booked coral reef restaurant so far. I got busy and haven’t done much planning or research the last month or so, so it looks like I will need to buckle down and decide what we are doing each day. The 26th I was thinking about going to universal to see Harry Potter

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