Itinarary review for a first timer


Earning My Ears
Mar 20, 2019
We are going to Disney for the first time Sept 14 - 21 for our honeymoon. We are staying at Port Orleans - Riverside. We already have ADR and Fasspass set up. Just seeing what everyone think of our rough itinarary we have set up.

Saturday 14th - check into hotel then go to Disney Spring for rest of evening

Sunday 15th - MK with FP for Peter Pan at 9:35, Pirates at 10:40 and Jungle Cruise at 11:45. ADR at Be our Guest at 4:45, then Halloween party.

Monday 16th - Epcot, FP 9:25 Spaceship Earth, 10:25 Living with the land, 11:25 Frozen. ADR at California Grill at 5:20

Tuesday 17th - MK, FP 9 Big Thunder Mountain, 10 Space Mountain, 11 Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. ADR at Ohana 4:35

Wednesday 18th - AK, FP 9:10 Kilimanjao Safaris, 10:15 Expedition Everest, 12:25 Avatar Flight of Passage. ADR at Tusker house 6:05

Thursday 19th - HS, FP 9:25 Toy Story mania, 10:25 Star Tours, 11:30 Indiana Jones. ADR Sci-Fi Dinner 6:15.

Friday 20th nothing planned, ADR at Story Book Dinning at 5:20

Each day we will stay in the park and work on getting more FP after we use our first 3.


DIS Veteran
Jan 27, 2017
The Be Our Guest ADR on the Halloween Party night is going to cut into your party time. If you want pictures with Snow White and all dwarfs or Jack & Sally. You need to be in line around 4pm because they come out early. The Be Our Guest dinner is three courses and then you have Beast photo op. So it’s going to take probably an hour minimum.

You could do BOG for lunch instead. Depends on what you want to focus on during Halloween party


Earning My Ears
Sep 20, 2018
I agree with starspeckledsky that it's good to have rope drop plans. Will you be there right away in the am? If yes, then plan where you will go first. Also, do you have park tickets for the last day (Friday)? If yes, then I would just make some FPs now. Just get something down and then you can easily change/edit those.


Sep 14, 2009
On your MK days, you have Fast Passes spread out through the park (especially on the 17th) and it will be a lot of walking that day. Since your going two MK two days, I would try and get FPs where your doing less walking...something like this.

14th - MK - Pirates, Jungle Cruise, Big Thunder
17th - Peter Pan, Space Mountain, Seven Dwarfs

If its possible to switch them up like that.

Dis Dragon

May 19, 2019
Are the parks all operating on early hours by this point? If it were me I would plan some of these as rope drop options and use the FP for something else. Like the days you have the Safari first - that definitely can be rope dropped as well as big thunder and TSMM.


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