It perplexes me why Disney Plus doesn't have any classic sitcoms Disney aquaired through Fox or ones they have made in the past


Earning My Ears
Oct 14, 2018
I find it weird that from all the promotional material I don't see that many classic sitcoms they have acquired through the fox merger, have made them selfs. I was sure they would add M*A*S*H,Mary Tyler Moore show,WKRP,Golden Girls,Boy Meets World,and while not a sitcom School house rock.
I wonder why?


Doom Buggy Driver
Jul 24, 2013
I think that stuff is more likely to go on Hulu. Disney+ is trying to keep particularly strong Disney branding and provide "family" entertainment. I could see Boy Meets World on there though. Certainly the early marketing has not revealed everything that will be available, so hopefully they will have a very robust lineup on both outlets.


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