Is this doable?


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Apr 9, 2007
We are flying over from the States in July for a week in London then over for 8 days in Paris with two of those in the parks.

On our arrival day we land at 6:40, have transportation to our hotel then plan on hitting the tourist spots. (Our son is actually arriving three days earlier than us for work and we will join him so our room will already be available)

On that first day we are planning on touring the Tower of London, the London Eye, Tower Bridge and at some point a Cruise on the River. Can this all be done assuming we could be at the Tower of London at opening? We are staying in Westminster if that helps with advice.


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Jul 15, 2004
That will make for a long day but depends on how long you take in the Tower of London & Tower Bridge. I did Tower bridge a couple of years ago and we were there for about 2 hours. Tower of London I would say a few hours. London Eye is further down the river. It can be done but everyone is different and you may have jet lag.

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Feb 22, 2007
As Nikki said it is doable but will be a long day especially of you have jet lag and have not slept on the flight over.

You could easily spend most of the day at The Tower of London so it depends how much you want to see there. The biggest queue is to see the Crown Jewels so I suggest you go there as early as possible.
Do you just want to see Tower Bridge or actually go up into it? If you just want to see it you get really good views from the Tower of London
You can get a boat from The Tower back to Westminister Bridge and then you just need to cross the river for the London Eye.
It will still be light in the UK til about 10.30 in July so you will be able to do it later in the evening if needed.
The queues for the eye get very long though so you will be better booking a timed slot if you think you will definitely do it


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