Is quick service with refill cup worth value if staying club level


Feb 1, 2006
We are coming to Universal for the first time beginning of December and staying club level at Hard Rock. Right now we have the quick service with cup plan, but are debating its value with the availability of water and soda in containers at the club. We don’t tend to be big drinkers or snackers when we travel and it seems most meals are $12-$15 so I am not sure the $32 price tag pp is worth it. Any advice is appreciated.


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Dec 7, 2018
I seem to remember bottled water and cans of pop when we did club at Portofino 5 yrs ago, can't remember for sure though. Disney's clubs seemed to have *more* than Portofino, but I was perfectly happy with what they did have.


Apr 21, 2002
The dining plan always seems to be questionable value.
As for the cups.. since going in December may not need as much to drink as the hotter months. How many drinks plan on hauling around from the club level vs how many drinks think might want in the parks... if only a couple drinks in the parks then the freestyle cups might be overkill.
  • Sue M

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    May 27, 2009
    As above post says, how many bottles of water do you plan on hauling around to the parks? Staying CL has little to do with dining plan at the park.
    I wouldn’t book QS DP for every day. You can decide on the day if you want the QS DP and just buy it. For our visit last May for 10 days we got the DP twice. With the mug once, and without mug once. It’s only worth it on the days you are having the pricier meals, and snacks. If you’re not careful you can loose $ on the DP.
    We have APs so after getting mug, on other days we could buy discounted single refills (not day reactivation).


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    Aug 5, 2013
    We had them on our trip last year and they were great to have - they have coke freestyle machines so there is everything from flavored water to Powerade tomcoke products - deff keep them


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    Aug 26, 2010
    Just have ice water is at the parks and tell your kids no sodas but when they get back to the club room it's all you can drink sodas and Shirley Temple's at cocktail hour.


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    Mar 12, 2016
    Personally, I would get rid of the cup. The meal plan is debatable as well.

    While I can think of many ways to make it worth your while and I feel like one of the few who defends the quick service plan, I do not think it is best for you if you're staying Club Level.

    I would say get your own cups (you can ask for ice at quick service locations) and if you need soda that you can use the soda from the Club Level area (can store it in a bag) and you can do that if you really need soda in the parks, but I personally would recommend water in the parks and stick to the soda any other time you're not in the park (or if you're in the park, relaxing, or eating something).

    Also, while you do not have full on meals in Club Level there food is still involved and I would imagine enjoying the Club Level benefits and trying to make the meal plan worth your while would be too much on your plate. No pun intended. Depending on what you get for an individual meal at Universal it can be pricey, but some meals I personally feel you can split, especially since (in my opinion) felt it to be best to not load up while enjoying rides. The only time I have a decent / big meal is typically on my way out.

    However, if you do not plan to really eat anything in relation to Club Level I'd say keep the quick service plan, but minus the cup.
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