I'm sure this has been asked...


Dec 2, 2011
I really apologize, as I'm sure this has already been talked about...but I keep getting different answers.

We're trying to go to Disney in October. Obviously news of them renewing the military discounts won't be out for awhile.

I went ahead and booked our trip and paid the deposit so that I could make our ADR's.

I have called and spoken with 5 or 6 different people at Disney...to see if I can get the discounts added on should they come up. Every single person has told me that its no problem...and that they've done it so many times to prebooked packages.

But some people say that they can't add the military discounts if you're already booked. So I am SOOO confused.

Can anyone help me out?


The Queen of the Castle!
Feb 17, 2007
The discount was released a few days ago. Call now to see if it can be applied to your reservation. Good luck!


Forever mourning the loss of SpectroMagic
Sep 14, 2013
I read on militarydisneytips that it is no problem. Call your resort, I am sure it will be easy!


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