I'm afraid it's finally happened--I just might be Disneyed-out


Feb 8, 2012
You can also trade out for DCL or RCI. I know people say DCL is not an efficient use of points but it works for us (12 cruises down, one booked for 2020). We have also stayed a lot of VERY NICE places by trading out.


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Nov 10, 2002
You can also trade out for DCL or RCI. I know people say DCL is not an efficient use of points but it works for us (12 cruises down, one booked for 2020).
For us, we paid cash for 1 & 2 in the room, then used points for the 3rd. We felt it was a better value that way.

Also, we've started doing Disney every other year, but using our points to stay either a little nicer (Poly or AK) or in a bigger room. And I would also agree with the earlier poster - Aulani is a FANTASTIC use of points! Splurge for the 1-bedroom at least - the savings in being able to cook makes up for the points.
  • ckb_nc

    Feb 26, 2001
    I can relate - went as a kid. First trip to WDw with the kids was for my DD1 5th birthday who is now 23. But I have found so many ways to do WDW and starting as I get older to appreciated the resorts and less the parks. But we are on a hiatus - went in January for Marathon weekend and have no active plans at all for the first time in several years.


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    Nov 3, 2003
    I get it. I do love our Disney trips, but I can see where it might get to feel like the same old thing. We only bought 150 points, so we have changed things up a bit, bank points and don’t go as often.

    But, we also have other interests in Florida. I plan to use it as a base for spring training trips. Also, when our schedules become more flexible (no school calendar to worry about), getting a break from our NY winters. We also golf, and honestly a relaxing vacation in a beautiful 2 bedroom villa, we could easily do Disney without hitting the parks. There is plenty to do.

    I love the HH and VB options, and hope one day to do Hawaii.


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    Dec 2, 2007
    I too was beginning to feel a bit that it was the same old same old. My kids are just 13 and 10 and have been to the parks 20+times. I do not want them to tire of Disney EVER!
    Our annual passes ran out last summer and we did not renew but have stayed at WDW twice since and will be returning this Thanksgiving. No annual passes. No park tickets. I have booked different resorts each time and we are so enjoying our time there using the pools, tasting new resort restaurant foods and spending time outside of WDW!
    Last Thanksgiving we enjoyed 5 nights just at the resort! We enjoyed Hoop and shine mini golf and attended the Mickeys Christmas Party. ❤ we had a great time and felt it was just enough park time for our Fishery fix.
    We just did a trip, staying at Beach Club, to Discovery Cove, Sea World, Aquatica and Busch Gardens this summer. We all absolutely loved it! I can't believe what we were missing!
    We go again this Thanksgiving and are squeezing in a 3 night cruise on the Dream.
    We are already planning next summer to Aulani!
    Sometimes a break is just what the heart desires!
    There are so many changes happening right now...we feel like we have lots of Disney fun to look forward to!


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    May 24, 2010
    One of the ways we keep Disney 'new' is we only visit what we are near because I do not like to vacation longer than 5 nights. So if we're at AK-J we visit AK, when at BL we're at MK, etc. We usually miss DS the most so if we stay at AK-J we'll bus it to DS.


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