How would you answer this question from your child?

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  1. pangyal

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    Jul 26, 2014
    I have a science nerdy 8 year old who, at the same time that he must know logically what’s going on, just doesn’t want to let go of the magic. He sometimes starts to ask if they are in costume and then stops himself, like saying it out loud would destroy it forever. He still believes in Santa and tooth fairy, so he is stretching his belief to the hilt with Disney characters ;). He has started to ask why the princesses always look different when he meets them, but when he’s there chatting with them, he’s star struck. He refuses to meet Kylo Ren again since he was fairly intense, though he laughs about it. I am hoping, selfishly, that he holds on just until February when we do the Marvel cruise so he can meet his heroes! But, I know we are very much on borrowed time and am honestly partially looking forward to not feeling like I have to keep up the charade.

    Ultimately, I think the best advice I can offer is that each parent knows their child best. There is no blanket solution for explaining magic and beliefs, so go with your gut feeling about how to handle the question if and when it comes, and you’ll almost surely be right.

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