How to upload a video onto your profile from YouTube??


DIS Veteran
Mar 12, 2007
I'm trying to upload a video onto my DIS profile from YouTube, as I have seen it on other peoples' profiles. Help, please! I'm clueless.


Mouseketeer and DIS Veteran
Aug 17, 1999
Let's see if I can make any sense of how to do this. :laughing:

Go to your profile
Click on Actions at the top of the page
Choose Add New Blocks
Choose My Media from the selection of blocks to add
A column will pop up on the left side asking where to add the block, choose My Profile
Select Add Video
Links will show up for Google and You Tube. Find the video you want and copy the embed code. Copy and paste that into the Add Video window.

That should do it! Let me know if it works or if you have more questions. :)



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