How to bide your time until your next trip...


Jan 16, 2018
I find myself in a conundrum here. I just returned a week ago from Walt Disney World and decided it was enough for awhile but now I find myself wanting to go back again next year. (I was there April 2016, October 2018, Disneyland in March 2019 as well) but I am afraid of it 'getting old' and losing some of the magic. Any ideas or suggestions as to how I can keep the magic fresh and alive even by going again next year? I was debating doing Disneyland again and rotating the two but like I said, don't want to get tired of it. BTW, I do travel solo since no one I know has my level of interest or can afford it.

Jimmy Mouse

My other car is the Monorail
Sep 3, 2017
I bide my time by booking another trip. We were just at WDW Oct 4-12 but only 47 days and we will be back for Christmas week! Already have our April trip booked also so it's constant ADR's, FP+ and plenty of DIS boards!


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