How do you safely pack fragile Disney ornaments when moving?


Earning My Ears
Oct 15, 2019
That's odd. We've stored glass ornaments in Tampa & Miami in a non-climate controlled area & have never had that happen. The ornaments I've lost fell from the tree, due to the metal cap & hanger separating from the ornament. After losing a few ornaments, I started hot gluing the caps on.
Hot gluing the metal cab is an excellent idea I had never thought of! Thank you so much for the suggestion!


Earning My Ears
Sep 29, 2016
Thank you all for the ideas. My ornaments are now safely packed and I feel confident they’ll make it to California in one piece! I used everybody’s ideas. I bought the dividers so each ornament would have its own space. I put a huge layer of batting on the bottom of the plastic bins. I used tissue paper and batting to gently surround parts that stick out. Then each ornament was covered in more tissue paper, then batting and finally bubble wrap. I feel very good about this. When the time comes, I’ll use the same methods to pack all the other Disney collectibles. Thanks again. I really do appreciate your help!


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