How do Canadians Book?

Sue M

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May 27, 2009
$673 when you add tax!

I bought our DLR 5 day hoppers earlier in the year from UT at which time you could not add the MaxPass. That was a bummer. I hate trying to add it every morning as we are racing to the first attraction.
Yes! Was really happy they now offer Max Pass. Last trip I bought directly with DL when they had the Canadian special, that was a great deal! But I thought I’d check UT just in case for our Aug trip and they now have it! Yay. $30 savings per ticket. Always nice to get a savings. I doubt this year will have any Canadian ticket specials with Star Wars open.


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Jul 8, 2012
question for you, travel agent .. did you book a whole package including airfare from someone like WestJet or Air Canada or just the resort directly with Disney? And if it was direct with Disney was the agent willing and able to get any discounts applied if they came up after your original booking?
First trip we used CAA and there was already a deal for free dining so we went with that.

Second trip was a local travel agent, and as soon as the deal was up she called in and got our package changed.

This trip I'm headed to DL, and a good friend became a TA a couple years ago. So she's my go-to person for booking any trip, but especially Disney. She called when the new discount came out, but this discount could only be applied to new bookings, and there were no more standard rooms available. So we just left it alone. She did try a second time for me just yesterday, but it isn't happening. But she's the best!

I've made all my own dining reservations though, and DL doesn't have the same FP system DW does, so we will be using their Maxpass app for FP while there.


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