Hours for walking trails in Animal Kingdom?

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    Planning a trip in spring, what time do Gorilla Falls and Maharajah trails close? Is animal viewing diminshed during the last hour or so it's open. What about the few small trails around Discovery Island. Based on my memory, I think the animals are about gone by 6:00 or so? So after that time the safari is about it to see animals?
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    It depends on sunlight.
    The trails will close within the hour before dusk.
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    Apr 27, 2014
    Also remember that food and drinks are not allowed on the trails. So don't plan on getting a snack then going to check out the animals
  4. GADisneyDad14

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    The trail times are listed on the weekly Times Guide which can be picked up at the front of the park, or here is a helpful link: http://www.orlandoparksnews.com/p/weekly-walt-disney-world-times-guides.html

    Scroll down for Animal Kingdom. Using this week as an example, both trails you mention close at 5pm. Obviously this changes based on the time of year so double-check if/when necessary.

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