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When do we go?

  1. January 1-6, 2020

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  2. mid September 2019

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  3. late January 2020

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  1. Lane308

    Lane308 Earning My Ears

    Mar 21, 2016
    I'd love some input from other Disney travelers on the ideal timing for our first family trip to WDW! Husband, me, our three kids who are 6, 8, 10. The original plan is/was to go over our kids' holiday break next year, traveling January 1-6, 2020. Craaaaazy busy, I know. The appeal of this timing is that nobody misses school or much work, it would be an amazing Christmas surprise gift for our kids, we'd get to see the parks done up for the holiday (our first few days, anyway), and just spending that quality time together during the holiday season. The weather then is also more likely to appeal to us - we live in the mountains and do not love heat! Cons here are the crowds (this one is BIG - I'm nervous after reading posts about how busy it is then!!), and that the price of WDW and airfare over the holidays is $$$$. We've also discussed going in mid-September of this year if we could find good accommodations. Definitely cheaper for WDW and plane tickets. We could leave on our oldest child's 11th birthday so that would be fun. Cons here are the heat (did I mention we do not like heat?!), and that the kids would miss 4-5 days of school and probably a football and soccer game, as well.

    A distant third choice the husband proposed last night is late January 2020. This one appeals to me the least because it means we have to wait even longer (not patient here, lol), it's in the middle of prime ski season (we love to ski), would probably force us to cancel an annual trip to CA to visit my parents in February (and a day at Disneyland!), and that the kids would miss school. Pros are lower prices and quieter parks, probably better pickings for accommodations too.

    Help me, please! I've thought about this so much it's given me a headache. ;) Hopefully I do this poll thing right - newbie alert. Thanks!
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  2. poooh

    poooh Mouseketeer

    Feb 21, 2014
    Hello! I've been twice during the third week of January. The crowds are low and the weather is great! Plus, they usually offer a nice package discount. The only downside would be that, because it is a slower season, there's less street entertainment, no events, and some rides are closed for refurbishment. Both times Splash Mountain was closed because they need to drain and clean the ride.

    I just went in mid September 2018. It was extremely hot and humid. Honestly, I underestimated the humidity. The pathways are also more crowded and the bus lines are longer, but we didn't feel that we were ever waiting longer for rides than in Jan. The main benefits, for me, are the events. It was my first time at Food & Wine and at MNSSHP. You should check into these events to help make your choice. Your kids might love dressing up and seeing all the characters in their own costumes at the party. It's a lot of fun. Also, I did notice way more cast members just out and about to offer help.Plus, I got to ride Splash for the first time in forever! They also usually offer room or free dining discounts in Sept.

    I've never been at the start of January. But if I had to pick between late Jan or mid Sept based on your post, I'd pick Sept. You won't have to cancel any ski trips, your kids are the perfect age for MNSSHP, and you could make it into a birthday celebration!
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  3. redrosesix

    redrosesix DIS Veteran

    Feb 29, 2008
    It was an easy choice...late January for a first trip. You want to enjoy it and you don't need the holiday decorations but you will appreciate the lower crowd levels. Those holiday times are not for the faint of heart. We've been there 11 times over Pres Day Wknd and the contrast between the week before and spring break itself is like night and day. Let's say it's the difference between getting to do all of your must-do list and maybe getting to do some of your favourite rides. For a first trip, just do Disney and enjoy yourselves.

    The weather December to February varies year to year so there's no guarantee you'll be better off either early or late January. If your family doesn't like the heat don't go in September.

    And don't worry about getting the rooms you want. Book your dates as soon as you know and pay for one day. Then add a package and/or discount when you find one you like. It's ridiculously easy to change things as they become available...just a phone call.

    Best of luck and :welcome:
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  4. halfpintpeggy

    halfpintpeggy DIS Veteran

    Aug 12, 2015
    I voted for a late January trip - that would no doubt be my first choice out of your options.
    September - brutal humidity that feels like you're swimming through the air, ugh.
    First week of January - still going to be packed like sardines, please someone help because I can't even turn around holiday crowds. Miserable.
    Last week of January - Although WDW is always busy, this time of the year should give you some breathing room!
    Whichever you choose, I wish you a wonderful visit!!! :tink:
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