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    Jan 9, 2014
    Planning on using walmart delivery. What happens if you are not available for delivery? Can they just leave it with bell service
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    Sep 4, 2009
    We used instacart this week and it went smoothly. I placed an order Sunday for delivery to the Polynesian Monday afternoon. I was little nervous when the driver sent a text saying he was close and to meet outside. I sent a text explaining we were checked in with no room assigned yet and to please leave it with bell service and he responded no problem.
    I have an 18 month old and an almost 4 year old and having snacks hand has been awesome. It feels like they are always eating so I’m sure this have saved me a bunch of money and meltdowns over waiting for food.
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    I used instacart for my most recent trip and it was a complete disaster. I have used Garden Grocer in the past and regret making the switch.

    I placed my order online Tuesday for a Thursday delivery at the Art of Animation and received a confirmation email. I was at Epcot on Thursday (arrival day) and received the initial text that the person was shopping for my order. While I left them the address for the hotel, because I didn't specifically tell them to leave the package with luggage services, they cancelled my order when I didn't respond to their text saying that they were at the hotel (I was in line at Soarin and missed it)

    After getting out of the ride and seeing that they cancelled my order, I called them up and got the $15 cancellation fee waived and then tried to re-order over the phone. They stated they can't do orders over the phone and I would have to re-order everything via the app. I re-ordered everything and put a note asking them to leave the package with luggage services as I would still be at the park when they would make the delivery.

    Upon returning to my room from Epcot, I noticed my groceries weren't delivered to my room (on all my other trips, they have always been in my room when I returned). I went to luggage services to check for my delivery and they had no record of it (I went through 4 pages of deliveries they had for the day). I ended up going in the back room of luggage services and ended up finding my package on the shelf. The driver apparently went to the back room, left the package on the shelf without checking it with staff. Best part of it was, they left milk and yogurt out on the shelf to go bad instead of putting it into the refrigerator.

    I ended up calling instacart a second time to complain about the problem; they put an order through on their end to replace the perishables (which they said they couldn't do earlier). This delivery was scheduled for the next day.

    Fast forward 24 hours, I get back to the hotel expecting the milk and yogurt to be put in my fridge in my room. When I get to the room, there is nothing. I walk back to luggage services, they have no record of a delivery for me. Once again I walked into the back room with hotel staff to search for my package. This time I find it in the fridge, but it's missing one of the items (yogurt tubes for kids). For second time in 2 days the driver just put the food in the back room room without checking it in with staff. When they cancelled my original order they told me they had to have approval to hand over the groceries, but for 2 deliveries they just left them on a shelf and expected me to go back there and find them...

    I called instacart for a third time to either get a them to deliver the yogurt or at least a refund for the item they didn't delivery. They claimed they can't find the item in my order, despite the fact it's on the receipt in my email and was under my previous order option via the app. After trying to get it straightened out for 15 minutes, I just gave up and told them it's not worth my time and just ate the cost.

    Overall, I probably wasted 2.5 hours between waiting at luggage services, making 3 phones, and re-ordering items. I'll happily pay a little more with Garden Grocer to get that time back to enjoy my vacation with the kids.
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    Jun 3, 2008
    Just got back and had a great experience with Instacart. Got the text they were shopping, then on the way. They not only left it with Bell Services, but took pictures of exactly where she put all the items on the shelves, including a picture of the fridge. She then texted me the shelf location as well. Called bell services and everything was delivered.

    Had ordered from Garden Grocer in the before with a similar experience. Not sure what PP was expecting, but we've never had the deliveries waiting in our room. They've always been delivered after we called Bell Services. No matter who we have ordered from.
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    Jan 8, 2008
    What would be the best timing for ordering from Instacart? We are staying at Boardwalk Inn. Our flight leaves our home airport at 3:00 pm and is scheduled to arrive at MCO at 5:25 pm After we arrive at BWI (via Magical Express) we'd like to go out and enjoy the Boardwalk Entertainment, maybe rent a surrey bike, have something to eat, etc. This is on a Friday, in a few weeks, if it makes a difference.
    If I have the order delivered at 6 pm and stored at Bell services, can we just stop at Bell services when we first arrive and bring it up to our room ourselves? Or are we required to have Bell services deliver it? I'd just rather not wait around in the room, while we could be out on the Boardwalk having fun!

    Our order will be pretty small; 15 yogurts (specific brand/flavors), orange juice, half and half, deli meats and cheeses, and maybe some bread or rolls. My concern is if they don't have the specific brand/flavor of yogurts, the shopper may try to contact me to ask about substitutions. I've never ordered from Instacart before, is there a place to leave a note for the shopper about acceptable substitutions (vs. just leave the item off entirely if they don't have the exact match?) I just wouldn't want the shopper trying to contact me when my phone is off because we are in the air.
  7. MBecker

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    "Not sure what PP was expecting, but we've never had the deliveries waiting in our room."

    I've always had it waiting in my room with milk/yogurt/etc in the fridge, with other items sitting on the counter (last 5 trips). Bell services even said that is the normal routine while we were looking for my package (at least at Art of Animation). I did forgot to mention they did text me a picture of my items sitting on the shelf, that probably helped me get an immediately refund.
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    We used instacart twice on a 2 week trip recently. I think there may be some sort of miscommunication between the resorts and the delivery people. At Kidani, they told us we were lucky our delivery person put our stuff in the fridge and that they have problems with instacart all the time. They told us Amazon Prime is better, but we don't have a membership.

    Second week at Boardwalk, knowing the comments from Kidani, I checked with bell services soon after I got the notification that delivery was made. We were headed out anyway. They told us the delivery person wasn't going to put perishables in the fridge and that bell services told them to.

    Maybe instacart delivery people don't know what they're doing? I don't really understand how it works, but maybe they're used to delivering to people in homes where they just drop off. Maybe they think bell services will be putting perishables in the fridge. I don't know.

    Boardwalk bell services told us we should use garden grocer but I'm sorry their prices are so much higher. We did use them for a beer only delivery for the 2 weeks just so we didn't have to be there for it. Not sure what we'll do next trip. Probably stick with instacart and try to plan delivery time for when we can be there at time of or soon after delivery to make sure perishables are in the fridge.
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    Jun 21, 2017
    Perhaps this is why the reviews are so varied? If you get a knowledgeable driver that is familiar with dropping off at the resorts they experience is good versus someone that usually only goes to a person’s home?

    Appreciate you sharing your experience!

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