Getting to Minion's breakfast at RPR from PBH?


Earning My Ears
Feb 18, 2019
We will be staying at PBH for 5 days at the end of August, and our departure day is a Saturday. I'm thinking of trying to squeeze in the Minion's breakfast - my kids' faces lit up when I told them about the possibility, and they are both 13 so go figure! But in order to not feel stressed/rushed to get to the airport for our 12:30 pm flight, we'd have to do the 8 am breakfast (next seating is 9:30 am). How would we get from PBH to RPR that early? Google maps tells me its a 29 minute walk - might be good to wake us up, but I am a little worried that even though my teens are saying today that they are on board with this idea, they might not want to get up that early on the day. Should I be considering a taxi/uber, or is there some other transportation that runs between the hotels?

Also, can anyone reassure me that PBH is *not* going to feel like we're staying off in the boonies? I'm starting to feel worried that it seems really far away from everything. We booked it because it was actually the cheapest (by a smidge) of the 3 deluxe resorts for our stay, and also because the pool looks the most fun - nice slide and hot tubs. I'm wondering if we should try to see if there's any availability at RPR instead, because it seems so much more centrally located. But then, it doesn't have a pool slide. Priorities ... ? We will be coming from having spent 5 nights at the Polynesian and 3 nights at the Beach Club at Disney, then have 5 nights at PBH. I originally thought this would work out great, because the theming of PBH would be nice and relaxing, and we'll get our "pacific" fix at the Polynesian. But seriously having some doubts and thinking of asking my TA if there's any chance of changing to RPR.


Note to Self:
Apr 1, 2000
The Water Taxis all meet in a central dock. I would think you could just take the the PBH boat, get off, get on the RPR boat. They start 30 minutes before early entry. So it would be ~7:30.

There are also shuttle busses, but we always do the boats, so I don't know how early they start.


DIS Veteran
Apr 21, 2003
PBH is beautiful. It is a longer walk than RPR; we almost always took the boats to go to the parks, and rarely had to wait more than 5 mins. We usually stay at RPR because it is cheaper, but I enjoy PBH a lot. Nice pools and atmosphere.


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