Germany - ABD or another company or on our own? First time - family with teenagers


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Apr 8, 2014
We have done germany, Austria and Switzerland all on our own, several times. Those countries are lIke Driving between neighboring states so it’s not as hard as it seems. Personally I prefer Switzerland and Austria more than germany but its all great. I’d suggest you pick up Rick Steves book or books, he always has great, fun itinerarieS. And decide if you want to focus on countryside, castles, or cities. Sorry you don’t want to go to a camp...I think it should be required for every kid.


Aug 21, 2019
Though I've never been to Germany, when looking into places to travel, sometimes I'll look at the itineraries from a few tour companies, pick the pieces that sound the most interesting and price them out as if I'm creating my own tour. A lot of times you may find extra sites to see, things to do, etc., but also accommodations at places you might not have otherwise thought of.


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Oct 19, 2013
Do you realise the amount of kilometers that you wish to drive .... on good mountain twisty spectacular roads .

I would SKIP from Day 8 , 9 , & 1half of day 10

From Grindelwald drive to Interlaken to Thun to Luzern to Cham to Zurich

to Winterthur to Konstanz then car ferry to Friedrichshafen Germany ( home of the Airships " Blimp " )

Lake Constance or Bodensee has a very good round boat trip calling at small towns

Stay at The Ring Hotel in Friedrichshafen

Then drive Back to Munich ...... a Much more relaxing less stressful holiday .

NOTE you Will NEED a car travel disc ( Buy at filling stations ) to travel into Austria (a 5 to 6 day ticket 0

AND a MUST travel Disc for Switzerland .... this is checked at BORDER entering Switzerland .
I am travelling this route from May 27th to 12 th June but we fly from Cork Ireland to Zurich

Car hire is by Unirent car is a Skoda Octavia Estate . ( Also Try Sixt Car Hire )


NOTE your DAY 8 & 9 take you WAY north into Luxemburg & back down to Munich
Yeah, we know it's a lot of driving - but it gets us to the things we want to see the most.

I tried to break it up so that we would only have to drive a few hours between places. The two longest are Fussen > Lauterbrunnen (~4:35) and, as you pointed out, Lauterbrunnen > Koblenz (~5:30).

We do know about the vignettes for Austria and Switzerland, but thank you for making sure. I appreciate any info! We also know that Austria requires an International Driving Permit.

@Woodview Why do you avoid Airbnbs in Germany (and/or Austria/Switzerland)? I don't think we'd rely on them heavily this trip, but it might make sense in one or two places. We'll have three nights in the Jungfrau region, so it would be nice to Airbnb at a place that had washer/drier to refresh our wardrobes.

So far, it's just my wife and I on the trip, but my parents may join us, too. Airbnbs look even better when you'd otherwise need 2 hotel rooms. ;)


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Jan 20, 2001
Manual transmission is still very popular in Europe. Automatic transmission may or may not be available in rental cars. If available, expect a premium price. Does anyone have any recent experience?



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