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Oct 15, 2015
It is peak, I am aware of that. But, I am not sure, if I can run the Half at the given pace. What do you think? Do you also struggle sometimes? What are your Pacing Tactics on Race Day?
In the midst of peak week training, you wouldn't be able to run 13.11 miles at HM Tempo. But allow the taper to happen appropriately and suddenly you will have a much better chance to hit it. Pacing wise on race day, take into account the elevation changes (and how they compare to what you train on) and then the weather on race day. The HM Tempo we have schedule is the ideal case. The elevation and T+D will drop it somewhat from ideal. If the time on your plan is a big jump from your actual PR, then I'd err on the side of being slower than possibly overreaching too much. Lastly, the ideal pacing is even, but it's always hard to know what even pace you should start with. So I recommend a 1% slow down on the first half of the race.


Aug 19, 2016
I am too lazy to write my weekly journal today. In a few minutes I have to go to my Athletes Class.

Anyway, there is something I would like to share with you guys. My @DopeyBadger TP starts at week 24, since then, I never (!) skipped a single training. I even ran after a Limp Bizkit Concert. Some sessions have been a little bit shorter as they were meant to be, because of unusual hot weather.

I guess, the graph shows pretty good, where my TP starts 😂 It's in KM, wish it were Miles 😄


This is the last week of harder sessions! Track Tuesday for sure is harder with some Intervals, this time I am not going full out. Thursday has a 15K run with 10K of HM Pace. Pretty nervous about that session and then it's Taper Time until Friday 20th September, where we are kicking it off with the DLP Magic Run Weekend 5K.

I hope to stay fit & healthy and do not get sick. Last year I got sick two times during training, fingers crossed, I am going to make the last days until the Magic Run Weekend and a full Marathon in October.


Aug 19, 2016
09/02/19 - 09/08/19 (Peak Week)

This looks so cool 😂 🥴

Monday - Day Off (Athletic Class)
Did some exercises and it felt good.
Was: 1.89km WarmUp and CoolDown

Tuesday -
Track Tuesday (Recovery Week) & 8K EB
This week was Recovery Week at Track Tuesday. Which means we did some exercises and an easy Run. Followed by an extra 8K easy Run.
Was: 12.82km - 1:27:45 - 6:51 Minutes / KM

Wednesday -
8K @ EA
Just another easy Run, do not remember much, I think it rained a bit?!
Was: 8.57km - 1:00:55 - 7:06 Minutes / KM

Thursday -
Ha, went for a swim again. Only did 1K, felt the missing two weeks. But in the end, it felt so good to be back in the water!
Was: 1.000m - 20:05 - 2.01 Minutes / 100m

Thursday -
11K @ LR & Strides
Right after the swimming, I headed to the Lake and did the 11K @ LR. Running right after swimming always feels a little bit strange to me. My legs have been stiff for some reason. And I always ran too fast.
After a few KM it felt ok. Did five strides.
Was: 11.26km - 1:14:18 - 6:36 Minutes / KM

Friday -
8K @ WU, 7.5K @ HM Pace, 1.5K @ Daniels T Pace, 4K @ CD
!!! Rehearsal Run !!! That was my final test for the Half Marathon at the Magic Run Weekend at Disneyland Paris. I tested my complete running gear and my nutrition.

The weather was a little bit chilly, just like the conditions I am hoping for the early morning hours at Disneyland Paris. I started easy. Ok, a little bit faster than Warm-Up, but hey 8K @ Warm-Up Pace?

After 5KM I ate the first Clif Blok with Sodium.

When it came to Half Marathon pace, I slowly increased the speed. A few minutes before I ate another Clif Blok with Caffeine and drank a little water.

I could hold the Half Marathon pace without any problems until 13.5km. At that point, I had to cross the river Rhine over a bridge. The ramp that leads towards the bridge was a little bit steep, so my pace drops a little bit. When I was on top of the bridge, I was able to run at Half Marathon pace again.

At 15.6km, I felt the fatigue kicking in. My pace again drops a little bit. I was about to run slower, but tried to hold the pace. In the end I was not able to run the 1.5km in Daniels T Pace. All I could do was trying to lose more of my speed. Every now and then I ate one of those Clif Bloks and drank some water.

The last 4KM Cool-Down felt sore and tired. I was so happy that it has been getting dark and nobody could see my sick running style ;-)
Was: 21.11km - 2:19:45 (It's a PR 🥳 for now!) - 6:37 Minutes / KM

Saturday -
Day Off
I did not feel as sore as I thought I would, after yesterday's run! Thumbs up!

Sunday - 10K @ EA
Wonderful, another easy Run at the end of Peak Week. Felt good!
Was: 10.52km - 1:14:06 - 7:03 Minutes / KM

Sunday -
Yes, another swim at the end of the week.
Was: 1.550m - 31:09 - 2:01 Minutes / 100m

This Weeks Total
66.17km (41.11 Miles) - 7:28:54h
Swimming: 2.550m - 0:51:14h


Aug 19, 2016
Lastly, the ideal pacing is even, but it's always hard to know what even pace you should start with. So I recommend a 1% slow down on the first half of the race.
Ok. The start is always very crowded and narrow. I hope that will slow me a little bit down at the beginning.


Faster running should be possible after KM 7, KM 13 - 14 is the uphill portion of the race, which killed me all the last years.


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