Frame your favorite WDW T-Shirt!!


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Jun 11, 2000
I posted this on the Community Board too, & it was suggested I re-post it here as well.

I want to share with you a simple little project. I had a t-shirt from 1999 that never fit right, so it just continued to hang in the closet. I couldn't part with it.

I bought a 15"x19" black shadow box frame at Michael's craft store. Top is hinged on left side...and held closed by magnets. You just open the frame "door" & put in your treasures. Well, I wrapped the t-shirt around a piece of corrugated cardboard that had been cut to fit. Secured the t-shirt to back of cardboard with a few pins at an angle....and popped it into the frame. Viola!!!!

Now, I can enjoy it EVERY day!!!!!

ETA: The shirt was from May 1999. The "opening" night of the return of the MSE parades return from California. The shirts sold out FAST!! And the parade was almost cancelled due to a 2 hr DOWNPOUR that stopped 1/2 hr before parade time. (disney magic) Street drains were unclogged to let flooding down. Out came the brooms to help dry the street. Sat on ponchos on the ground. GREAT TIME!!!


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