Food Allergies & Oreo Cookies


Aug 1, 2008
My daughter is severely allergic to peanuts/tree nuts and has been eating Oreos for years and has NEVER had a problem. One of the few cookies I trust:)


Oct 23, 2013
I have a severe peanut allergy and have been eating all types of oreos for years (except peanut butter, and coconut-another allergy) and have been just fine. :)


DIS Veteran
Oct 22, 2006
While shopping at Whole Foods on Saturday (was trying to find Earth Balance's new Vegan Cheese Puffs, which I did) I see a huge display of Newman's sandwich cookies and right there on the top shelf was Non-Wheat Non Dairy variety. I immediately thought of this thread. I am wheat/dairy/egg allergic (not gluten). These are NOT a gluten free item as they have Barley Flour and luckily I am not allergic to Barley.

I bought them and brought them home. I'm not a huge fan of most desserts but I did love Oreo's but hadn't yet found an acceptable substitute as all the other usual suspects' brands in the GF sandwich cookie variety have been less than palatable either in taste or texture.

However these were really good, I mean really good. So good that I gave my mom one because she was eating an Oreo and I said compare these. She could not tell the difference. The only difference I could tell was in the cookie texture. I thought the wafer was a little less crispy than what I remember an Oreo being.

So I'm really glad I tried them. I didn't even realize they existed till this thread.

By the way the vegan cheese puffs fall into the "it's not a Cheeto Cheese Puff but it doesn't suck" category. :rotfl:

I brought both in my lunch today.


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