First time at DLP solo?

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  1. JenBush

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    Jan 25, 2017
    This spring I will be visiting Paris with a few friends who are not big Disney fans and do not want to visit DLP, but DLP has been on my bucket list for years so it looks like I will be going solo. This will be my first time visiting Europe and I only have the very basics of the French language down(I can say hello, goodbye, and "I don't speak french" haha) I'm not too worried about going alone, but if anyone has any good first-timers tips for DLP or solo traveller DLP tips I would greatly appreciate them. Thanks :)
  2. BadPinkTink

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    Mar 13, 2015
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  4. cwis

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    Feb 3, 2016
    Hi @JenBush! While I do speak french, I have made many solo trips to DLP, including table-service restaurants.

    The golden rule of solo trip is: do whatever you want! This might seem obvious, but not having to settle about the “next thing to do” saves time.

    Also, pay attention to the cast members when loading a ride. Often, they need a party of 1 or 2 to complete their loading: when this happen, you might go even faster on your ride! On the same subject, some rides have “single rider line”. Sometimes, they're not faster than the regular standby, but more often than not, they will save you precious time.

    Speaking of restaurants, even if you don't have an ADR, being alone might secure you a table even at the most popular table service restaurant. Cast members all speak english, don't be afraid to ask if they have availability. You never know!

    Last tip, if you're solo, you might end up doing a lot more of attractions that you'd expect. Maybe this will be a perfect time to spend some time at the hotels, or at Disney Village?

    Hope you will enjoy your stay at DLP!
  5. Lesley Wake

    Lesley Wake May the force be with you!

    Mar 16, 2017
    I just finished a solo trip and it was great! I ended up spending 4 nights/5 days in the parks! They are so detailed and gorgeous that it was great to be able to wander around and explore everything, just go where my feet took me, which would have been harder with other people! I never felt weird being alone or got strange looks from anyone, even when I was dining alone.

    For language, it’s not a problem there. All CMs speak French and English, and most shows are in both languages.

    I would recommend getting comfortable asking other people to take your photo! They don’t have roaming photopass people so I really didn’t get many photos of myself, except the occasional awkward selfie.
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  6. loladelorean

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    Mar 9, 2010
    I have just posted about the lovely solo day I spent at Disneyland a few weeks ago!

    It's a bit different because it's my home park and I'm already really familiar with it, therefore I wasn't in a rush to do anything and had a nice relaxing time wandering around. I did manage a lot of attractions though, single rider lines are great.

    It doesn't feel weird at all being there alone. It was wonderful to decide as I went along what I felt like doing, and really take it easy.
    If you've only got one day, I'd recommend just doing the Disneyland Parc and not visiting the Studios. There are good rides and other attractions in there, but it is not a beautiful park. The Disneyland Parc is huge, gorgeous and it's what you really must see if DLP is on your bucket list and this is a rare opportunity for you to visit. I think you'd end up stressed and not enjoying it as much if you tried to manage both parks in one day.
  7. mathgeek

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    Feb 23, 2003
    I was there solo over the summer and a couple times even had CMs ask me what language I needed. I was even offered Spanish once.

    I also learned how to ask for "une photo s'il vous plait?" Sometimes it worked, sometimes not. But I surprisingly found a few people from the US and Canada that way!
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  8. crazymama

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    Nov 3, 2004
    Was just there two weeks ago solo. Had a great day doing just what I wanted... no negotiating or brokering! Loved it!

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