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DVC SSR & other timeshare
Feb 5, 2004
Nice pins! I'm enjoying the emphasis on 'Disneyland' and especially like your Indiana Jones pin. NICE!

I have a couple of non-trading lanyards with my collection of DVC pins but most of my pins are traders that turn over with each visit. We have a trading pin game:
  • Start with a lanyard of random pins.
  • Draw a 'theme' from a hat.
  • Trade throughout the day to reach that theme.
  • The person with the most pins matching their theme is treated to something at the end of the day. (The others might pay for their beverage or meal, perhaps.)
  • Next day: shuffle the pins, grab a new theme and start over.
Some of our themes:
  • Mickey dressed as other characters (like your Indiana Jones pin or perhaps Mickey dressed as a fireman, etc.)
  • Characters dressed as Mickey
  • Americana pins (heavy emphasis on Red, White and Blue)
  • Pick a color. (I have an entire lanyard of bright yellow pins, love that lanyard!)
  • Ride Attractions.
  • Hotels.
  • Dated Pins.
  • Pick a character. (All the pins need to have that character)
  • Movies
  • etc.


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