Fantasmic fast pass vs Dining Package


Earning My Ears
Aug 17, 2013
Hi all!
Going in December with a friend who has never experience Disney World and trying to decide if I should go fast pass or Dining Experience for Fantasmic...I've always done stand by for Fantasmic in the past, but I really want her to get a nice view...The only issue that I have with dining experience is that I can only get ressies for afternoon, and I'm not really a big sit down diner in the afternoon..
Any advise on pros or cons of either?
Thanks so much..!


Hidden Mickey
Jun 19, 2013
We scheduled a Fantasmic FP during Thanksgiving week. That said, we had the benefit of multiple FP days at HS, so we could still get the FPs we wanted for other attractions.

If you only have 1 day at HS and want to ride both Tower of Terror and Rock-N-Rollercoaster, then I would make them your FPs and consider the dining package.

However, if you don't want to ride one (or both) of those then I think it makes sense to use your second Tier 2 FP on Fantasmic. Nothing else in Tier 2 'demands' a FP and it saves the cost of the dining package.
  • WaterLinds

    DIS Veteran
    Oct 24, 2014
    I was wondering the same thing, so thanks for asking and thanks for the helpful replies. I have a kid who really wants to see F! but he’s also the kid who is really bad at waiting, so figuring out how to get him a good view without torturing everyone by having him wait is a balancing act.

    We are also debating the dessert “party”(I know it’s just the snack box, not like the parties at other parks). I’m not sure our group would find any of the dining package meals worthwhile, but the slightly more affordable price point of the dessert option would probably get eaten by most of our group. Plus since all the options still mean you need to arrive early to get the best seats, this way we are set with something to eat/drink while we sit before the show. (If we don’t do it we’ll just bring our own snacks!) Antsy kid might be entertained enough by the light up cup to not notice how long we’re waiting.

    I read some early reviews—I assume the dessert party seating is still shared with the dining package seating, is that right?


    DIS Veteran
    Dec 15, 2014
    The only issue that I have with dining experience is that I can only get ressies for afternoon, and I'm not really a big sit down diner in the afternoon.
    an afternoon reservation can be great. Maybe at home you would never think of eating dinner at 3:30pm but at WDW you are on a different schedule. you might have arrived at the park at opening, been on the go with grabbing a few snacks so by 3:30 pm sitting down for a break from the crowds and walking is perfect. Just plan accordingly (very early lunch or later breakfast) so that you will be hungry by your ADR time. I highly suggest Brown Derby for the package option -- I had the most amazing Filet there -- I have had others since and nothing compares. Mama Melrose is probably the next best option without being as expensive. H&V is one to steer clear of due to notoriously bad reviews.
  • PrincessArlena'sDad

    DIS Veteran
    Aug 5, 2009
    H&V is one to steer clear of due to notoriously bad reviews.
    If definitely getting a dining package, I would say you should definitely consider the breakfast there. It is the cheapest option, and only a few dollars more than the snack box. And you get a full buffet breakfast.

    If paying cash, and did not want breakfast, I agree with brown derby.

    If on the dining plan, I don't think brown derby is worth 2 credits. The mama Melrose menu doesn't appeal to us, so we have done h&v for lunch or dinner. The food was ok, but characters were great. With the fantastic seating, we were satisfied with our ddp credit use.


    DIS Veteran
    Feb 21, 2001
    Have you looked at the dessert package? We did this twice so far and imho for the price, food and drinks and the seating it was a very good value!


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